Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The War-Criminal-Candidate to replace the current War-Criminal

The return of the War-Criminal

Senator Mac Cain has seen the inside of a Vietnamese-Prison,
which makes him a War Criminal.

Because I do not think that Vietnamese imprisoned
Animal-Activists nor Gay-waiters , in their Prisons.

Mac Cain went once to bomb North Vietnam
just to keep South-Vietnam corrupt
and serving to the capitalism.

That Mac Cain might have bombed 200 villages
and produce around 1000 dead and 2000 orphans
before being imprisoned.
In the years in that prison he must have eaten enough
Vietnamese-food that could have fed instead at least
2 of the orphans he has made himself.

Where he came back home ,
the USA made him a War Hero
and gave him nice Medals......
when this man would have killed more innocent people
more than any Suicide-bomber I have ever heard of.
As a matter of fact , Mac Cain might have killed
even more innocents... ......
than all innocent-victims of the 911 tragedy...........

As for Senator Obama
has not bombed anyone, yet
but at least and theoretically ,
Obama must know what real-Islam is
Obama must know where are Kenya and Indonesia.

Something , I doubt that Bush nor Mac Cain do know !!

Raja Chemayel
I do not vote in the USA
and I do know where Kenya is !!

PS :
Obama will not visit Israel fearing to be treated
as they treat their own Falasha.


Julia said...

Very interesting. I would shrivel up and die if McCain became president, though I'm still very skeptical about Obama (I for one believe he is sucking up to all the voter groups who are iffy of him, namely the zionists/AIPAC).

Remember that war is the worst form of terrorism.

Raja said...

Unfortunately , we are left to choose from too evils.....the lesser evil.