Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How to get to Heaven ??

Which Jew will enter the Heaven ??
and which will not ?

1.An honest Jew living in Brooklyn
who does not steal nor lie nor use God's name in vain ....
2. a dishonest Jew living in Jerusalem
who has broken almost all ten commandments ??

If your answer is : the first one ,who is living in Brooklyn.
then comes my question :
why all the troubles to create the State of Israel ?
when it does not matter where a Jew lives ????
as long as he abides to God's commandments !!

Must all Muslim live in Mecca to secure a place in Heaven ??
Must all Catholics move to the Vatican ??
Do all inhabitants of Mecca end up in Heaven ??.....No !!

Why then have they created an infamous , illegal , criminal ,
unjust , unjustified ,unsafe and fake-State on a stolen Land ??
while , it will not ,at all, help them get to Heaven !!

Raja Chemayel
living in Amsterdam

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