Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas 2011
the same Bethlehem ,
the same soldier , the same Joseph

a different Wall.

Merry Christmas !!
first-Palestinian-liberation-hero was born among us
he did not speak in Hebrew but he spoke Aramaic
and he never agreed with the Rabi's.
He walked on the waters
just to avoid climbing those huge Walls
or eventually avoiding the Tunnels.

His parents have had to take refuge in Egypt
because Judaism and Imperialism
never wanted him to come.

Merry Christmas
to the occupied ,
to be exiled
to all the emprisoned.
Liberator  is still alive.

Raja I.K. Chemayel
رجا  شميل

Thursday, December 22, 2011

unhygienic.......but politicaly correct !!

 a Palestinian youth
is  risking of  getting an infection
because ,
what he does is very unhygienic,
although it is , politically very  correct   !!!

After this incident ,
this flag will double its value.

Because Arab-shit is not cheap !!

Eng. Moustafa  :-B nerdRoosenbloom

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Anti-semitism in Russia , today
not so poor Russian-Jews !!
If there still would be, anti-Jewish
or anti-Semitism in Russia,
how come that 60% of the oligarch are Jews ??

when this is ,in reality,
some kind of "anti-oligarch"

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Amnesia in Libya but no Media in Syria
She counts , only,
where and when she wants to count.

When we all  remember how many journalists and how many reporters
were in Libya  during the visit of the NATO...and the Qatari-air-force
and then , and up until  now , we have no numbers (official nor even non-official)
concerning  the total number of the victims  whether civilians or military.

While ,
in Syria , there are ,no reporters , no journalist , no observers
and yet , we are told that there (allegedly) were 5.000 victims ,

Probably mathematics and
the counting of any victims ,  became :
a matter of opinion
a matter of wishful-thinking
a matter of misinformation
a matter for propaganda

Therefore , not counting,
must be even worse , than counting!!!

The Media in Libya got Amnesia
the Media from outside Syria still can see ja !!

Raja Chemayel

The Genius and the idiot

The siege of Assyria
by its neighbours.....

Could you name that Middle-Eastern-Country
which is surrounded by :

1- Turkey ( North West )
     a NATO member, and governed by a Military Junta
     pretending a moderated-Islam ( whatever that might be)
2-  Iraq    (North)
     the most chaotic and unpredictable  implant-embryo of a state
     with its own North amputated and ruled by separatist-Kurds
     whose president and whose PM also are US-appointed.
3.   Kingdom of Jordan (South-east)
      the most classical " Banana-Kingdom"
      which signed a Peace agreement with Israel ,
      without any popular approval, whatsoever.
4. Israel (South)
      the most aggressive, racist,illegal ,colonial,occupying State on Earth
5.  Lebanon (South-West)
     the most volatile and most unpredictable State (of mind).

If your guess is  another country than Syria ,
then I must be an idiot and equaly you are not exactly a genius......

Nonetheless , into that peculiar country ,  Syria ,
the USA and NATO want to inject their " Democracy"
because they could not destabilise it , in any other way........

If you have concluded that it were done for " democracy" only,
then you are consequently........... a perfect-idiot
and I am not at all necessarily a genius
just for having made this conclusion.

Sherlock Hommos
a pretending-Genius, on the Amstel