Sunday, December 18, 2011

Amnesia in Libya but no Media in Syria
She counts , only,
where and when she wants to count.

When we all  remember how many journalists and how many reporters
were in Libya  during the visit of the NATO...and the Qatari-air-force
and then , and up until  now , we have no numbers (official nor even non-official)
concerning  the total number of the victims  whether civilians or military.

While ,
in Syria , there are ,no reporters , no journalist , no observers
and yet , we are told that there (allegedly) were 5.000 victims ,

Probably mathematics and
the counting of any victims ,  became :
a matter of opinion
a matter of wishful-thinking
a matter of misinformation
a matter for propaganda

Therefore , not counting,
must be even worse , than counting!!!

The Media in Libya got Amnesia
the Media from outside Syria still can see ja !!

Raja Chemayel

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