Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Genius and the idiot

The siege of Assyria
by its neighbours.....

Could you name that Middle-Eastern-Country
which is surrounded by :

1- Turkey ( North West )
     a NATO member, and governed by a Military Junta
     pretending a moderated-Islam ( whatever that might be)
2-  Iraq    (North)
     the most chaotic and unpredictable  implant-embryo of a state
     with its own North amputated and ruled by separatist-Kurds
     whose president and whose PM also are US-appointed.
3.   Kingdom of Jordan (South-east)
      the most classical " Banana-Kingdom"
      which signed a Peace agreement with Israel ,
      without any popular approval, whatsoever.
4. Israel (South)
      the most aggressive, racist,illegal ,colonial,occupying State on Earth
5.  Lebanon (South-West)
     the most volatile and most unpredictable State (of mind).

If your guess is  another country than Syria ,
then I must be an idiot and equaly you are not exactly a genius......

Nonetheless , into that peculiar country ,  Syria ,
the USA and NATO want to inject their " Democracy"
because they could not destabilise it , in any other way........

If you have concluded that it were done for " democracy" only,
then you are consequently........... a perfect-idiot
and I am not at all necessarily a genius
just for having made this conclusion.

Sherlock Hommos
a pretending-Genius, on the Amstel

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Unknown said...

Is Israel REALLY the most aggressive, racist,illegal ,colonial,occupying State on Earth? It another Falsetinian proPALganda Shiite !!!!