Saturday, December 17, 2011

Empty Camps for a full propaganda
Which Syrian would accept a Turkish-tent ??

Do you remember ,
not so long ago , the huge humanitarian camps
set by Turkey on its borders with Syria ????
supposedly for to offer aid to Syrian refugees fleeing AlBaath regime ???
Do you remember if ever they were used ??
Even that Angelina Joli went to visit ??
No Sir !!!   No Madame !!
I remained empty ,until today......
Why ???
because it was an  exaggerated-humanitarian-offer
which served only as a Media-stunt-propaganda................
Otherwise ,
I do admit that there is a huge problem in Syria
and another fact is that one third of the casualties are the official-soldiers
and official-security-personnel..............
I rest my Case !!

Raja Chemayel
I remember Camp Chatilla which is full.....since 60 years


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