Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why don´t we tra to make a real war.........for a change

Israeli soldiers as prisoners
do you not remember that war....... ??

In 1978 we were fooled by the Camp-David-Peace-Agreement
and the only result was 35 years
of a fruitless-useless-pointless-time-consuming "COLD-PEACE".

In 1992 was the Oslo-Agreement
and the only results was that the PLO
has changed from being a Liberation Movement
into being a sequestrated-paralysed-castrated-movement.

Today , with this " Arab - Spring "
the only result will be another theatrical game,
or another aesthetic-surgical-operation,
just to offer Israel another postponement-bonus
of another delay-decade to institutionalise its illegal existence.

While we the Arabs are going  in circles,
the Zionists are digging deeper in.
Why don´t we try  a war  as the solution to end  Zionism ??
for a change.........because anything else has failed.

Raja Chemayel 

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