Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pissing on Peace prizes !!!

George did not get one !!!

Obama gets a Nobel Peace Prize
what for ??
he just has got in !! this is a premature-delivery !!!

Is this prize for his speech in Cairo
in front of a hand-picked-selected-audience
or just because...............he has the same sun-tan as Martin-Luther-King ??

Is this prize for admitting that Bush got in Iraq
what Saddam Hussein has promised us , long before the invasion .

Is this prize for offering medical-help-security
in the richest society on this planet ??

Is it for bombing civilians in Kandahar ??

I don't know !!

But I suspect that this prize is exclusively as a reward
for failing
to stop even Palestine .
For failing to reign in a wild-dog-Netanyahu ??

Why should I bother writing any satire....anymore
when even Henry Kissinger got the same prize
and Itzhak Rabin too.

Good night !!
I am going to bed early .

Sherlock Hommos
Pissing on Peace-prizes

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Acting in "Good-faith"
AL AKSA Mosque

(not to be confused with...)
Al Sakhra Mosques

When the Muslims entered into Jerusalem
they were received with open arms
by the Bishops of Jerusalem.

Looking for a place to build their mosque ,
they found an empty and abandoned piece of Land.

That piece of land ,
if it were the emplacement of the notorious Temple of Salomon
and if the Temple of Solomon ever existed ,
the Muslims arrived on that spot more than 500 years after
the eventual,alleged destruction or disappearance .

There is ,
an accidental-mystical -coincidence
that this spot of land might be the same ,
as for that (lost) Temple .

But the Mosque has been there now for the last 1400 years
and that Salomon Temple disappeared 2000 years ago,
whether it ever existed or not.......on that spot.

But those of you who know a bit of law,common-sence and logic,
will agree with me that the Muslims "acted in good-faith"
to say the least......or even in the worst of cases .

Thus the Al Aksa Mosque of Jerusalem is legal
is legitimate , is ethical , is historical , is Holy.
Most of all , in the Al Aksa mosque´s people
venerate Moses and Jesus and Mohamad
and their same and only God .

Therefore I beg from the Zionist and the Israelis
first to prove their own "Jewishness"
and secondly to shut it up....

And if they still have time to spare for us ,
they should try to find any archaeological- proof,
except what they have composed and written , by themselves.

And incidentally ,
The "West-Wall" also known as the "Weeping-wall" (arabic)
or the "Wall of Lamentations" (French)
which is the holiest place in Judaism,presently,
is a Roman-structural-wall and no way Jewish-hebraic-israeli
and using it as a Holy Jewish spot , is indeed "acting in bad-faith "

Raja Chemayel
even an archeologe , if need be.