Saturday, August 6, 2011

The hidden goals of that ARAB SPRING.....
The Berlin " Spring"

I lived to see the Prague-Spring
and the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the Perestroika.
And the re-convergence of central-Europe.

I also lived the last days of the Mai 1968 the "Student-Spring"

Therefore I pretend to having had seen "many-springs"

I watched Ferdinand Marcos leave the Philippines
I rejoiced to see the Shah of Iran leaving Tehran ( with his wife´s jewels)

With the exception of the Philippines ,
all those "Springs" were fundamental changes.

The Arab Spring is now half a year old,
since Tunis and then Egypt
and now Yemen, Libya and Syria.......
I came to the obvious conclusion :
Those Arab-Springs are simply  " decapitations"
if not also simple assassinations ,
or even (personal) power struggles.

Lets look closely:
In Tunis the Boss ran away and left all his lieutenants behind.
In Egypt , the upper-staff decided to sacrifice their  Boss.
In Yemen the (Boss) President will be replaced by the rival Tribal-chiefs
In Libya the lieutenants of Colonel Qaddafi want to rob the countries´ bank assets
In Syria the "opposition"  wants simply the head of Bashar el Assad, nothing else
and not any alternatives are proposed !! .

If the metaphor " Spring " means:
renewal or rebirth or revival or a fresh-start,
it is not  the case in the lands of the Arabs.

It is simply a personal vendetta against the Top of a Pyramid
and nothing basic nor fundamental nor radical !!

Sorry,  to disappoint anyone,
but a Spring .........looks differently  to me .

Raja Chemayel

NB :
Bahrain is the exception:
it is a proletarian (Shi´aa)
against a bourgeoisie  (Sunni)
and their  (Wahhabi)  Monarch.
A classical case of :  "Klassen-Kampf " !!
(une lutte de classes) (Class struggel)
"Siraa Tabakee"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A reminder for the short memories
The Lion of Africa
and the Prince of national-Independence's
(who happens not to be a democrat)

We hereby would to remind all the short-memories
that the UN resolution on Libya, mentioned exclusively a no fly zone !!

And then , 2 days later ,
 99% of the Libyan Airforce were made inactive ,
if not completely destroyed.......

In the meantime this " no fly "
included direct bombing of cities , of villages
economical boycott and even the killing civilians !!

No to mention , arming the opposition
and bloccking the national-financial-assets .....abroad.

Now the West shall confiscate the billions of the libyan Dollars
and hand them over to a Marionet-opposition
that does not even know each other......nor are they ever united.

If this is not a nation-robbery , then what is it ??
If this is  not piracy , then what is it
If this is not day-light-robbery , then what is it ??
If this not colonial- hegemony , then what is it  ??

Who is the NATO  ??? ..............and what for is it ??
only to bomb Belgrade , Kabul and Tripoli  ?? !!
otherwise they only sell us the artificial-democracy-flavors.....

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
Democracy´s marketing agent

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Which historian must we believe ??

Who killed whom ???
 what for ??
who is the beast ??

a (white) hunter kills  an (African) Lion,
the (white) historians shall write :
"A brave man has killed a wild and dangerous beast"

but, the (african) historians will write :
"An arrogant foreigner with a super-gun
has shot an innocent-indigenous-animal,
just for his own pleasure and ego..."

When (White) European-Zionist-Jews
have robbed the (Arab) peaceful-Palestine

which historians must we believe ??

When the USA bombed Vietman  ??
When the USA invaded Iraq and Afghanistan ??
When the (white) NATO bombs Libya  ??
When the Bay-of-Pigs was invaded ??
When Salvator Allende was murdered ??
When Gaza was starved by (white) Israelis??

Raja Chemayel
just asking !!  ??

Monday, August 1, 2011

The terrorist with a licensed-gun and the Tourists without visa´s

in line for a Tourist Visa

Every society has some kind of terrorists living among them............

The degree and the sizes do differ
how come ?? that the Terrorists in (or of)  the Western-world
all did have , in advance, a gun-license . ??

In the Netherlands recently
and in Norway only last week
in the USA last year.....etc...etc...

all have had a gun-licenses.....

I was recently filling-up a police-form to justify a Tourist-visa
for a far-away-Lebanese-cousin
who would like to come visit me in the Netherlands.

It is required by the European-Union for each foreigner
intending to visit Europe..............who is also required to
show 2 or 3 credit-cards and a health-insurance and a return-ticket
and a hotel-booking and a letter from his employers and (my) invitation.

They call it "preventive-security-check"

I shall recommend to my cousin , once here,
not to go camping in Norway !!
and to avoid the Europeans with a Gun-License.
(My visiting-cousin can operate 27 different guns
but he has no gun-license !!)

Philosophically speaking ,
there are two kinds of Terrorists
the first , has a uniform or simply does have a gun-license
and the other ( not proven) Terrorist , need a Visa.......

Raja Chemayel
I have no gun nor do I need a visa

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Coca Cola Light !!
BREIVIK ,original
(60% blood)
BREIVIK , light
(Zero % blood)

the most-worthless-drink
the most-worthless-ideology-carriers

 and both are only valuable
to Capitalism and to Zionism

Raja Chemayel
I drink from the tap....