Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Which historian must we believe ??


Who killed whom ???
 what for ??
who is the beast ??

a (white) hunter kills  an (African) Lion,
the (white) historians shall write :
"A brave man has killed a wild and dangerous beast"

but, the (african) historians will write :
"An arrogant foreigner with a super-gun
has shot an innocent-indigenous-animal,
just for his own pleasure and ego..."

When (White) European-Zionist-Jews
have robbed the (Arab) peaceful-Palestine

which historians must we believe ??

When the USA bombed Vietman  ??
When the USA invaded Iraq and Afghanistan ??
When the (white) NATO bombs Libya  ??
When the Bay-of-Pigs was invaded ??
When Salvator Allende was murdered ??
When Gaza was starved by (white) Israelis??

Raja Chemayel
just asking !!  ??

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