Saturday, August 6, 2011

The hidden goals of that ARAB SPRING.....
The Berlin " Spring"

I lived to see the Prague-Spring
and the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the Perestroika.
And the re-convergence of central-Europe.

I also lived the last days of the Mai 1968 the "Student-Spring"

Therefore I pretend to having had seen "many-springs"

I watched Ferdinand Marcos leave the Philippines
I rejoiced to see the Shah of Iran leaving Tehran ( with his wife´s jewels)

With the exception of the Philippines ,
all those "Springs" were fundamental changes.

The Arab Spring is now half a year old,
since Tunis and then Egypt
and now Yemen, Libya and Syria.......
I came to the obvious conclusion :
Those Arab-Springs are simply  " decapitations"
if not also simple assassinations ,
or even (personal) power struggles.

Lets look closely:
In Tunis the Boss ran away and left all his lieutenants behind.
In Egypt , the upper-staff decided to sacrifice their  Boss.
In Yemen the (Boss) President will be replaced by the rival Tribal-chiefs
In Libya the lieutenants of Colonel Qaddafi want to rob the countries´ bank assets
In Syria the "opposition"  wants simply the head of Bashar el Assad, nothing else
and not any alternatives are proposed !! .

If the metaphor " Spring " means:
renewal or rebirth or revival or a fresh-start,
it is not  the case in the lands of the Arabs.

It is simply a personal vendetta against the Top of a Pyramid
and nothing basic nor fundamental nor radical !!

Sorry,  to disappoint anyone,
but a Spring .........looks differently  to me .

Raja Chemayel

NB :
Bahrain is the exception:
it is a proletarian (Shi´aa)
against a bourgeoisie  (Sunni)
and their  (Wahhabi)  Monarch.
A classical case of :  "Klassen-Kampf " !!
(une lutte de classes) (Class struggel)
"Siraa Tabakee"

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