Saturday, August 13, 2011

Democracy is the wrong cure........only reforms are !!
and then what ??

In Syria ,
the Regime includes the undivided and monolithic:
Presidency+Army+Police+Security+a single-party+all minorities

So what motivated the Syrian-uprising
to wanting to fight a lost battle ??

1- Suicide ??
2- Foreign support ??
3- Religious fanaticism ??

Nobody said that the Syrian regime were so democratic
and yet it is more democratic than all the Gulf-states
and more "socialist" than any other Arab regime
and also more anti-imperialism and anti-zionism ,
than the whole Arab-league.....

The Syrian uprising is many things,
 but surely not a revolution ,
nor a reform-movement.

Bearing in mind  that one of this uprising´s top- leaders ,
is no one less than the ex-Vice-President
Mr. AbdelHalim Khaddam , residing and exiled,
in Paris in a villa offered to him by the Hariri family.......

Compare Iraq before and after Saddam Hussein
in order to agree with me that :
"democracy" is the wrong cure !!
(also compare to the uprising in Algeria
that went back ,after 10 years, to its square one)

Raja Chemayel

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