Friday, May 8, 2009

Civilians...but Moslems.
Hillary needs not to apologies... .

In Afghanistan as well as in Pakistan
the USA and NATO forces
are repeatedly bombing civilians.

A repeated mistake becomes
lesser than a mistake
and more suspicions will arise gradually ,
leading to a deep scepticism.

But probably the mistake lies in the origins
of this conflict which is war on Islam
(or rather a war on the poorer-muslims)

under the banner of the
"War on Terrorism" .

And , if I were to be right ,
this hidden-logic would now become
more frequent and more evident.

After all ,
the profile of a Terrorist is :
1- Black eyes
2- Black hair
3- Muslim
4- Anti imperialist
which is not different from most (if not any)
of those bombed civilians .

Thus , those brave western-soldiers
did act according to their official

So why ,at all, apologising ??

Raja Chemayel

black eyes,
grey hair , (originaly black)
and Anti-imperialist

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

don't worry happy !!!

Egypt is tamed and castrated
Iraq is totally destroyed
Algeria is busy with itself
Saudi Arabia is corrupt
Yemen is far away
Syria is busy with the Lebanon
Lebanon is busy with the Lebanese

Remains ,
Pakistan which is not Arab
but it eats out the hands of the USA
Iran which is not Arab ,neither
but would like to break the hands of the USA
Afghanistan which was never a threat
and is a toy in the hands of the USA

So Israel has no worries , so far

Jordan was never a threat
Sudan , shall be soon invaded
Tunisia , Libya and Morocco
do not know where Jerusalem is.......

So Israel has no worries , again .

Kuwait , Qatar , Bahrain and the Emirates
are microscopic and docile too.

The United Nation is not at all , united
The Unite States of America is America united behind Israel

So Israel should not worry !! at all ....

The Truth is manageable
The Law is avoidable
The Media is bought
The Rights are disposable

Israel does not rule the world yet,
but until then ,
the USA does it for her......

I wonder why I wrote this above text
but I am now lying on the couch of my psyco-analyst.

Sherlock Hommos

Monday, May 4, 2009


http://www.acapela. tv/good-old- times-bd724b5885 9d0.html


has created the State of Israel
so why should we then blame
any other religious-fanaticism
for trying to liberate his own Palestine ?

All those Fanatic-liberators
always had
full-national- rights

while all the Fanatic-invaders
never did !

Fanaticism or not ,
there is
a foreign-invader
and an

Fourth of May 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

300 000 Pigs.

Pigs in Egypt ,
What for ??

In Egypt are 300.000 pigs
raised and bread and eaten
by the Copts of Egypt.

Myself , a Lebanese-christian did not see any pigs
in my Lebanon nor did I hear of any existing ones .

Although the Lebanon has the highest presence of Christians
in any Arab or in any Muslim country.....
Yet no pigs are significantly to be found in the Lebanon !!

Judaism and Islam do not allow pigs
and I see not why Christian-Arabs ought to have them .

No doctor , nor any nutrition-expert would tell us
that Pig-meat is healthier than Lamb , Goat or Cow.
As a matter of fact it is biologically and nutritionally
the less healthy and the less hygienic of all meats.

Having said that ,
I ask my Copt-brothers in Egypt :
why to keep them ??
and why have they kept them for centuries ???
The tolerance of Islam did not forbid the pigs
but the Copts could have gradually got rid of them,
wihtout any lost nor any sacrifice .....

Why should I keep a pig in my garden ,
when my next-door-neighbour is Muslim or Jew ??

Can't we not live without Pigs ??

The last 40 years I live in Europe
among a lot of Pigs , where they bother nobody.
I do eat it , but when I invite a Muslim or a Jew
to my house , I do not serve it.

Why Egypt ??
what is the point ??

Get rid of your pigs !!!
and how about getting rid also of Husny's regime too ??
both are worthless !!

Sherlock Hommos

http://www.acapela. tv/good-old- times-bd724b5885 9d0.html