Friday, May 8, 2009

Civilians...but Moslems.
Hillary needs not to apologies... .

In Afghanistan as well as in Pakistan
the USA and NATO forces
are repeatedly bombing civilians.

A repeated mistake becomes
lesser than a mistake
and more suspicions will arise gradually ,
leading to a deep scepticism.

But probably the mistake lies in the origins
of this conflict which is war on Islam
(or rather a war on the poorer-muslims)

under the banner of the
"War on Terrorism" .

And , if I were to be right ,
this hidden-logic would now become
more frequent and more evident.

After all ,
the profile of a Terrorist is :
1- Black eyes
2- Black hair
3- Muslim
4- Anti imperialist
which is not different from most (if not any)
of those bombed civilians .

Thus , those brave western-soldiers
did act according to their official

So why ,at all, apologising ??

Raja Chemayel

black eyes,
grey hair , (originaly black)
and Anti-imperialist

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