Wednesday, May 6, 2009

don't worry happy !!!

Egypt is tamed and castrated
Iraq is totally destroyed
Algeria is busy with itself
Saudi Arabia is corrupt
Yemen is far away
Syria is busy with the Lebanon
Lebanon is busy with the Lebanese

Remains ,
Pakistan which is not Arab
but it eats out the hands of the USA
Iran which is not Arab ,neither
but would like to break the hands of the USA
Afghanistan which was never a threat
and is a toy in the hands of the USA

So Israel has no worries , so far

Jordan was never a threat
Sudan , shall be soon invaded
Tunisia , Libya and Morocco
do not know where Jerusalem is.......

So Israel has no worries , again .

Kuwait , Qatar , Bahrain and the Emirates
are microscopic and docile too.

The United Nation is not at all , united
The Unite States of America is America united behind Israel

So Israel should not worry !! at all ....

The Truth is manageable
The Law is avoidable
The Media is bought
The Rights are disposable

Israel does not rule the world yet,
but until then ,
the USA does it for her......

I wonder why I wrote this above text
but I am now lying on the couch of my psyco-analyst.

Sherlock Hommos

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Illia Perret said...

Sigmund Freud died on Sept 23 1939.
At this time (if the text really were from Freud) there were no state
of Israel, only a british dominion called Palestine.
By the way, Freud died in London, were he had flown from nazi occupied austria.
Apart from all that, Freud had little thoughts for Israel, Israelites
or Jews or Judaity.
In my opinion he was maybe more influenced by his jewish roots than he
knew himself.
So was he quite surprised as his first work went translated in hebrew
("Totem und Tabu"; published in Jerusalem, British Palestine).
The word "Israel" hardly ever appears in Freud's works.

In other words: this text cannot be Freudian.

So... It's not up to me to judge the text of Sherlock Hommos.
But aside the inspiration on a couch of a psychanalyst,
I don't see the link to Sigmund Freud.

But maybe it's just a lack of humour on my side?