Saturday, March 1, 2008

The hole in the SS Cole

Dedicated to Abdou......USS Cole
and its hole

Once this ship came to Yemen
to refill his tank with Arab Oil
on its way to rob more Arab Oil , from Iraq

One brave Arab jumped on a speed-boat
and made a huge hole in that Cole.

Three years later this same SS Cole
comes to the shores of the Lebanon.....

It happens that the Lebanon has no Oil to be robbed
so what we can do, is to give the SS Cole another hole .

Therefore, I beg from any Lebanese
who has a hole to spare.....
to jump in speed-boat and to give it to SS Cole
(but please wait until it enters the Lebanese territorial-waters
just to make it legal....!! )

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

on the 26Th of February 2008

Gaza is besieged

Gaza is starving

Gaza is bleeding.

Mahmoud Abbas ,
Husny Mubarak
Ehud Olmert
"partners for Peace"
(and starvation)

USA and the EU
satisfied spectators

The Arab League of States
silent spectators.

The world
blind spectator.

while ,
Iran and Syria
the " Terrorist-states"

Turkey is slaughtering the Kurds
NATO is inflaming Afghanistan
the USA is pumping Iraqi-Oil and Blood
France is barbecuing Tchad
Great-Britain is annexing the Malvina's
Hilary found out that Obama is Muslim
Obama found out that Hilary is helping the rich

Hamas and Hezbollah

Sherlock Hommos

chronicalist of.....the 26Th.02.08

Sunday, February 24, 2008

One Lebanon, Two Nasrallah and Three Hariri

The Patriarch, Nasrallah Sfeir
El Sayyed, Hassan Nasrallah

In the Lebanon we have two Nasrallah
One has it as his first name
and the other has it as his family name.

In the Lebanon we have three Hariri
one died and the son inherited
and thirdly is the sister of the dead

We have had two Jumblatt
one lived as a leader and as an Eagle
and his son reassembles a chameleon.

In the Lebanon we have two Lahoud (at least)
one is the ex-president and the second
is his own cousin but he belongs to the opposite side.

We have also two Frangieh
who are direct cousins but on opposite sides.....
and Lebanon have had three Gemayel
but Israel assassinated one in 1982
and the second in 2007, and in both cases
Israel and the Western Media blamed
and accused Syria .

Back to the two Nasrallah 's
one serves the Vatican since King Louis the eleventh,
serves the White House since 1967
and serves the Palais de L'Elysee since Napoleon the third.

The other Nasrallah serves the God's-fearing- people
while having his ammunition from Damascus and Tehran

(if you do not mind ! )

The problem is that we only have only one Lebanon

invented by France ,

adopted by the West ,

missed by Syria , its own mother ,

and separated from Palestine. its own twin-sister.

Raja Chemayel

invented by France.......but loyal to the Truth.