Saturday, April 2, 2011

To bomb or not to bomb...
NATO, which is a mixed-salad,
was  created to bomb Communism, but
  now it bombs the Muslims , only to defend them.

the USA has handed over the command
of the Libyan-invasion, into the care of NATO .

For those of us , who came from another planet,
I hereby inform them that :
NATO was founded by the USA
The USA is the back-bone of the NATO
The USA is the main financier of the NATO
The USA is by far the biggest member in the NATO
Because of the USA , all NATO members have even to speak English.
Finally,  the commander in chief of the NATO ,
is always a  US-General ......

This means today , 
that if , or when, anything goes wrong,
the NATO shall be blamed........ (and not the USA.)

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom

Friday, April 1, 2011

First of April.........jokes.

It is April First
and we ought to exchange some jokes.

I thought , for example, of telling you that :

The NATO and the USA love to help the Libyan people
The Saudi Army invaded Bahrain to preserve Democracy
Israel is besieging (and starving) Gaza
to keep the Gazeans away from nuclear radiations of Japan
That "Change" Obama had once promised us ,
is only the colour of the skin of a US President
The Secretary-General of the Dictator´s Club , Mr.  Amr Moussa,
would like to replace Husny Mubarak.
The Hariri-Clan in the Lebanon would like to compare their circus
to the Tahrir-square-phenomena of Cairo.

It is difficult to find ,nowadays, a Joke ,
that would provoke or invite a laugh......

Raja Chemayel

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things I have not seen , yet.......

Europe "loves" Africa !!

In that conflict in and around Libya,
this is the list of what I have not seen :

1-    any alleged  Al Qua´eeda fighters, helping the people.
2-    any alleged mercenaries ,helping the colonel.
3-    any massacres.......(more than half-a-dozen-dead at one place)
4-    any alternative ( or competing or substitute ) Leader.
5-    any demands-list from the insurgents (except the departure of the Colonel).
6-    any new-relevant-critics about Qaddafi which are younger than 35 years.
7-    any weapons of Qaddafi which are not sold by those attacking him, today.
8-    any third-world-country supporting the invaders.
9-    any plans or proposition or suggestion on the future of Libya
10-  any new wardrobe for the Colonel .

Anyhow , I keep my TV on.....and wait.......
some revolutions are not perfect !!!

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom

31.March 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

 بخصوص سوريا اليوم
لدي المثل 

  اننا لا نسمح  أن يغرق قارب نجاة
عندما قبطانها ديكتاتورا  


With regard to Syria , today,
I have just invented a Proverb:

"One does not let 
the only rescue-boat sink ,  
because its captain is a dictator"

Monday, March 28, 2011

Only one half of Libya !!
is now called : NATO

Half of Libya lives in Tripoli
and the other half lives in Benghazi.

To be more accurate , 85% of the Libyans
live either in Tripoli or Banghazy.
The rest are spread over 8 medium-or small-size-towns.

Two weeks ago ,
Benghazy was allegedtly threatened
and then the NATO swiftly interffered to " prevent a massacre"
so they said ....

Soon , and within days , most probably ,
Tripoli itself, might be beseiged and another "massacre"
might eventualy take place.

I wonder if by then, the same NATO
shall interveen or interfere
and shall " save humanity" .............. for a second time.


NATO is in Libya to save only one half of Libya ?? !!

Sherlock Hommos

Sunday, March 27, 2011

From Libya to Palestine

Military ground operations
 qualify as occupying
 Libya - Russia NATO envoy
Notice ,please ,
that the Tank is intact
while all the civilian-cars are bombed.

Our world has reached a stage in which
the UN-Security -Council
plays now the role of a licensing-judge
while the NATO
has the role of a Hangman

In Libya half of the people
fights against the other half,
and in Israel
all the Israelis
massacre half the Palestinians
or just builds a Wall around the other half
while taking away 80% of their waters...

The Tyrant of Tripoli
is now punished
the Tyrant of Tel Aviv
always gets huge subsidies.

If they want to change the Middle East
why not changing all of it ??
(Why not a NO FLY ZONE over Gaza ?)

Raja Chemayel