Friday, April 1, 2011

First of April.........jokes.

It is April First
and we ought to exchange some jokes.

I thought , for example, of telling you that :

The NATO and the USA love to help the Libyan people
The Saudi Army invaded Bahrain to preserve Democracy
Israel is besieging (and starving) Gaza
to keep the Gazeans away from nuclear radiations of Japan
That "Change" Obama had once promised us ,
is only the colour of the skin of a US President
The Secretary-General of the Dictator´s Club , Mr.  Amr Moussa,
would like to replace Husny Mubarak.
The Hariri-Clan in the Lebanon would like to compare their circus
to the Tahrir-square-phenomena of Cairo.

It is difficult to find ,nowadays, a Joke ,
that would provoke or invite a laugh......

Raja Chemayel

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