Sunday, March 27, 2011

From Libya to Palestine

Military ground operations
 qualify as occupying
 Libya - Russia NATO envoy
Notice ,please ,
that the Tank is intact
while all the civilian-cars are bombed.

Our world has reached a stage in which
the UN-Security -Council
plays now the role of a licensing-judge
while the NATO
has the role of a Hangman

In Libya half of the people
fights against the other half,
and in Israel
all the Israelis
massacre half the Palestinians
or just builds a Wall around the other half
while taking away 80% of their waters...

The Tyrant of Tripoli
is now punished
the Tyrant of Tel Aviv
always gets huge subsidies.

If they want to change the Middle East
why not changing all of it ??
(Why not a NO FLY ZONE over Gaza ?)

Raja Chemayel

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