Monday, March 28, 2011

Only one half of Libya !!
is now called : NATO

Half of Libya lives in Tripoli
and the other half lives in Benghazi.

To be more accurate , 85% of the Libyans
live either in Tripoli or Banghazy.
The rest are spread over 8 medium-or small-size-towns.

Two weeks ago ,
Benghazy was allegedtly threatened
and then the NATO swiftly interffered to " prevent a massacre"
so they said ....

Soon , and within days , most probably ,
Tripoli itself, might be beseiged and another "massacre"
might eventualy take place.

I wonder if by then, the same NATO
shall interveen or interfere
and shall " save humanity" .............. for a second time.


NATO is in Libya to save only one half of Libya ?? !!

Sherlock Hommos

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