Friday, December 31, 2010

The seventh decade of the longest tragedy,
starts now.....

The end of a decade ??,
Nothing special !! nor unexpected
nothing useful nor constructive

Baghdad went in ashes,
Kabul was never rebuilt

President Saddam was hanged,
Sharon is still dying (very slowly) in a bed

Gaza was evacuated
so that the Israeli-artillery can work, more efficiently.

Beirut was bombed
so  that their terrorists could try to beat our "terrorists".

In Israel when a president rapes his secretary ,
he gets 4 years in prison,
but when he bombed Beirut and Gaza ,
he got 2 medals.

Ankara and Tehran
became more Arab than Cairo,
Riyadh and Amman, alltogether.

Oussama Ben Ladin retired from "Walt Disney"
and went in hiding at the Bush´s residence-ranch.

The Pope allowed the condoms
but he has said nothing about the prostitution, itself.

A decade full of failed- peace- negotiations
that hardly went further than the opening´s ceremonies

Yasser Arafat was not hanged,
but he was starved in a cellar
until the poison did the rest.

Turkey has remembered its own place
and regained its natural identity

Israeli financial companies have invested in Central
and Eastern Europe more than all the Americans !!

More money was spent on chasing
the Weapons of Mass Destruction
than any money spent on
the destruction of any Cocaine  fields.

George Bush has surpassed Genghis Khan
and Obama has surpassed Uncle Tom

The Promised-Land became the USA,itself
and Palestine is re-baptised as:

In the Lebanon the Syrian army has left
just to make room for the Wahhabi-Dollars.

Somalian pirates have been surpassed
by the Israel-Navy.

The CIA has ,finally ,tolerated leftist-goverments
in South-America ( so far).....

Nothing is new , nothing unexpected
In the next decade the Hackers shall rule the cyberistan
and the Israelis shall relocate in their USA.

By the end of next decade,
if we all are still here , 
remind me to get an Israeli-tourist-visa,
just to be allowed to visit the USA......

Raja Chemayel

Nonetheless ,
I wish to you
and to your loved ones
Happy and Healthy

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The former President of Israel,_by_Amir_Gilad.JPG/225px-Moshe_Katsav,_by_Amir_Gilad.JPG
The rapist
in the raped-land..

The former President of the State of Zion
has been sentenced for 4 years in Prison
for Rape (and sexual harassment's.)

He is of Iranian origins.
If he stayed in Iran and would have raped women there ,
his punishment would have been completely different !!
Which any rapist deserves , anyhow.

Never mind !!
In Israel rapists and rape are punished differently
most probably because the whole of the State of Zion
is based on the rape of Palestine , anyhow !!

Raja Chemayel

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The morning-after..........Christmas

While Bethlem was emprisoned between the walls,
me and my family were celebrating Christmas.
The next morning we have had to clean up
all the papers and packings in which were all the presents.

That it when it struk me how much packaging was waisted
on the presents who served for such a short time.
The original packaging was from the factory to the shops
but then came the decoration packaging which were added.

I refelcted on that matter and I tought to myself that
the cost of those waisted packaging used in West-Europe
might be equal to all the presents consumed in Africa
or in South America.

Is it fair ??  is is human ??  is it correct ??
Who cares ? the World is itself a colection of injustices !!
Who cares for Bethlehem  ??  also
that birth-place-of-the-liberator is itself emprisoned ,today.

the day after Christmas

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Israeli Patient
Peace is not dead
but neither is it alive.

The talk of the moment is whether or not
to relaunch any kind of Peace-talks
between the State of Zion and what is left over from Palestine
andwhat is left over of the Palestinians..

I am 62 years old and as far as I can remember
there has been constantly Peace-talks
and never was there Peace.........all my life !!

Of course what happened between Egypt and Israel
cannot be named " Peace" long as I see not one
Israeli restaurant in Cairo nor one Egyptian in Tel Aviv.

What happened between Sadat and Menahim Begin
was a bribe to the Egyptian Regime in which it will not
make any war and shall consequently get 2 Billion Dollars, yearly.

Israel has had to give back the hot-sands and the dunes of Sinai
but it keeps the Oil and the Gas.

Now back to the present :
Israel shall not negotiate because it does not want to
nor does it fit in its strategy.

The Pentagon, the Congress and the White-house,
just like Ramallah , all are "Israeli-occupied-lands"
Who can say no ?? !!

Yet I must , for the sake of my analysis ,
make a description......... if not simply a comparison.

And here it comes :

The Peace-negotiations are just like Ariel Sharon
both are in the "intensive-care" and both are kept
artificially alive........
and in both cases Israel is the doctor
and Israel has its finger on the "on-and-off" switch.

If you like it or not  !!

Peace is not a partner...........peace is a Patient
Israel is not a patient...........Israel is the doctor !!

Raja Chemayel
almost christmas....

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Scandals of WikiLeaks
One inherited-democrat and one elected-democrat.

Among the great scandals which Wikileaks
did the news that Silvio Berlusconi
was holding a lot of   " wild-hot-parties"

How come I was never invited ?? !!

Another scandal was that Saudi Arabia
does want to get rid of Iran.....

How come nobody ever suspected  it  , before ?? !!

And the worse was that Julian Asange, in Sweden,
has had problems with  his condoms....

At least this show that :
Julian Asange must be following the instructions of the Vatican !!

What conclusion do we make here ??:

If Berlusconi ever also used condoms and he would have invited
the King of Saudia to his wild-parties........there will be no scandals !!

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Difference between........

A fish ,
 has caught Sarah

what is the difference between
Taliban and Al Qua´eeda ??

what is the difference between
The PLO and the PA ??

what is the difference between
Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood ??

what is the difference between
Occupied Palestine and the West Bank  ??

what is the difference between
Arabism and Islamism

what is the difference between
a Burka and a Hijab  ??

what is the difference between
Mr. Mubarack and Mr.Barrack  ??

what is the difference between
Dahran and Tehran  ??

what is the difference between
Arabian Gulf and the Persian Gulf  ??

what is the difference between
The Hashemite Kingdom and Zannusi Kingdom  ??

what is the difference between
an Arab and  a Muslem ??

If you can answer a least one correctly
then you may be elected to the US Congress

If you can answer two correctly
then you may become  US State Secretary

if you can answer three correctly
then you may be director at CBS or Fox or CNBC

if you have no correct answer at all
then you may be  Sarah Palin.

Sherlock Hommos

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Please contact the nearest Israeli-Embassy for more informations
How much of " terrorism " is needed
to burn a car ??

Guess what !!
again another miracle !!
God´s hand at work.....
or more probably :  Mossad´s hands at work !!

The Stockholm bomb ,most recently, has failed to blow up .....
again and again.............. like in New York ,Time Square
or in Boston or in England !!!

What a providential coincidence !!!
those Terrorists are getting more clumsy each time !!!
and this time the terrorist even died before the questioning !!

Conclusion :
To know where the next bomb shall fail to ignite ,
please call and ask  your local Israeli Embassy.

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
coordinator for the planned failures

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas-shopping in Stockholm!image/337452271.jpg_gen/derivatives/468w/337452271.jpg
The Vikings in Afghanistan

In Stockholm ,yesterday,
during the Christmas shopping
two bombs went off...................
........................... the "bomber" died
or must I say : only the bomber died !!

Allegedly this was a punishment to Sweden
because of its involvement in Afghanistan
also it were a punishment for another "caricatures"
offending Islam.

Sweden counts as relatively one of the highest tolerant countries
and consequently, I assume, it is now punished.

My question now , is  :
Is Sweden being punished
by the "extreme-Islam"
by the "extreme-anti-Islam "  ??

Why  did this bomber  not go directly to Afghanistan,instead ??
what strategic (or any logic) value
do innocent-Christmas-shoppers have ??

Sherlock Hommos
my favourite Swede........
also ,did not go to Afghanistan !!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Swedish-bomber ..........and the bomb that did not ignite!image/337452271.jpg_gen/derivatives/468w/337452271.jpg
The Vikings in Afghanistan

In Stockholm ,yesterday,
during the Christmas shopping
two bombs went off...................
........................... the "bomber" died
or must I say : only the bomber died !!

Allegedly this was a punishment to Sweden
because of its involvement in Afghanistan
also it were a punishment for another "caricatures"
offending Islam.

Sweden counts as relatively one of the highest tolerant countries
and consequently, I assume, it is now punished.

My question now , is  :
Is Sweden being punished
by the "extreme-Islam"
by the "extreme-anti-Islam "  ??

Why  did this bomber  not go directly to Afghanistan,instead ??
what strategic (or any logic) value
do innocent-Christmas-shoppers have ??

Sherlock Hommos
my favourite Swede........
also ,did not go to Afghanistan !!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

One decade of my writing.....

a bit of narcissism might help...
(notice please,
my antic-barok-clock
and my Breiteling-watch)

10 years ago, somewhere in December 2000,
I started my writings in the Internet

It happened by pure coincidence
and also coming out of basic overdose
of my political-frustrations.

Later, 3 years ago ,
I decided to have also my own Blog
" Frustrated Arab Diary"
(initiated and coached by Fausto Guidice, and Tlaxcala )

In the mean time a lot has happened :
Arafat was poisoned
Saddam was hanged
Beirut was bombed
Ben Laden was invented
Gaza was strangled
Israel assasinated Hariri in order to hang El Assad
A Woman is leading Germany
Burka´s were forbidden (in the countries where they exist not)
Mubarak survived two fair elections
Bush was re-elected ( Blair too)
My readers started calling me as "poet"
and the 2 great poets died , Darwish and Kabbani
(forgive me for forgetting other events or persons)

I started writing in one list
and today I write in 32 different ones
I was kicked out of 4 other lists
while 2 lists kicked me out and later
decided to allow me back
and to grant me an amnesty.......a pardon.

One Lebanese list owner called me :
" boring and unimaginative "

One US-Palestinian list owner called me :
"Enemy of Palestine "

One Palestinian-American-Democrat  called me :
" the dog of Zahi Damuni "

One Lebanese architecht  called me "
" an anti-semite "

One Palestinian from Amman called me:
" comparable to Gibran"

One Israeli-stalinist called me :
"  a revolutionary-genious "

And finally ,
my own wife calls me :
" a fanatic-political-exhibitionist "

Therefore opinions, about me , do differ a lot.

I must ,at the end,
admit that a great deal of narcisism is involved
but after all , which writer is not a narcist ??
or an exhibitionist ?? as well.

My Blog
which is in English,French,Portuguese,Spanish and German
has had in total   88.658 readers  ( in 3 years)

I shall proceed with my writings
as being my (personal) form of resistance.

I thank my readers ,
also ,I thank my translaters:
Ellen , Annie , Christina,  Alexander and Yaotl
and my Coach Fausto Guidice........................

And finally,  
I must thank Zionism itself
for offering so many injustices  to write about.

Raja Ibrahim Khalil Chemayel
a Bhamdouni-Beiruti-Lebanese-Syrian-Arab-Homosapien
a christian-in-Islam and a socialist-in-a-democracy.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A comparison
The fake ( with a gun) 
and the genuine....

Gather one thousand Palestinians
and then analyse them.
Equally bring one thousand Israelis
and do the same.

You shall notice that the Palestinians are one people
while the Israelis are made out of many.

The Palestinians have one language (and even the same dialect)
while Israelis speak 20 different languagues with their own grand-parents
and speak , one artificial-reinvented-language,  among each other .

The same goes for the food .....
while Palestinians have one and the same kitchen,
the Israelis have 20 different ones   and if Israelis
have in common some few dishes  ,
they are the ones stolen from the Palestinians like:
Falafel , Hoummos ,Baba-Ghanouj, Shawarma
or the stuffed-wine-leaves.

Basically the comparison is simple :
on one side you have :  the indigenous , the pure, the real
and on the other side :  the invader, the fake , the impostors.

What do we learn from the above ?? :
the pure and the genuine must have  all the rights
(and all the priorities) when it comes into a conflict with "the fake".

Unfortunately ,
Wall-Street, the Pentagon and the White-house
all want to make out  the fake as  being  the real
and the real  as being non existent !!!

Raja Chemayel

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What do we learn from WikiLeaks ???
Who is next ??
The Hacker or the Hacked ??

Some things are sure and certain
about WikiLeaks :

It showed us that the correspondence between
any US Embassy and the State Department, are not safe !!
(something really suspicious  !! )

It showed us that diplomats are professional liars
(something we all knew !!)

It showed us that Hamid Karzay , the most obvious US-Puppet
is not behaving in a satisfactory manner
(something I would rather blame on the Puppeteer,instead )

It showed us that  if  WikiLeaks is telling us the Truth
its owner-founder must be judged for a sex-offence-crime.
( Something the Swedish ,  know too well about !! )

It showed us that the hackers control the world of information
(something I fear )

Sherlock  Hommos
the truth is now what the Hackers will allow.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

One question for the Egyptian-Regime 
Police beating-up someone who wants a church.

A question to the Regime in Egypt:

How come any christian-Egyptian
can build , anytime , for himself a church
in Canada , in Venezuela, in Australia ...etc....
but not in Cairo nor Alexandria ??

Did the Camp-David-Agreements (1978)
forbid you to do that ??
or ,
you need all that building-cement-material
to fill-up and to block the tunnels of Gaza ??

Raja Chemayel
a christian from  Bhamdoun
whose uncle once built a Mosque (1959)
and whose grand-father signed a building-permit
(1943) for building a Synagogue

PS :
Congratulations on the last  elections  !!
too much corruptions and an overdose of fraud
gave you now an absolute majority .
Next time,  be more careful,
and allow at least , the fake opposition .

Monday, November 29, 2010

WikiLeaks .......special edition !!!

special edition !!
(reserved for my readers)

Ben Laden died two years before 911
George W. Bush knew that Saddam did not try to assassinate his father
and that it was the AL DAA´WA party who tried.
Nicolas Sarkozy is a Jew and he never converted to Catholicism
Mahmoud Abbas gets two different salaries
both are for doing nothing.
Peace in the Middle East died in 1947 and was burried in 1948
The Killers of  Rafik Harriri used a German-made-bomb
and did not speak Arabic.
Saudi Arabia does not like Iran
Clinton did not inhale (it)
Monica Lewinsky did not swallow (it)
Hezbollah damaged 23 Merkava in the last day battle in 2006
Elvis Presley is dead
Annapolis Peace Conference never really started
until now.....
Sherlock Hommos is in reality Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
and Raja Chemayel does not exist
All emails on this list is read by the Jordanian-secret-police
My wife never knew about Jennifer Lopez and me
North Korea has a big-one !!
USA and NATO invaded Afghanistan just to place 150.000 soldiers
on the south-east-borders of Iran
Dr. Ibrahim Alloush is not afraid to stand under Damocles-sword.
Lebanese politicians fight among each other only to collect
donations from different foreign-powers
The red-lipstick on my  shirt are not from Mother Tereza
Women cannot park their cars properly
Sarah Palin cannot see Russia from her kitchen window
Ariel Sharon is " a man of Peace"
26 -
Zorro is not a Tunisian
WikiLeaks mixes the truth , with the other-truth.
WikiLeaks harmed everybody...........except Israel !!

Santa Klaus

Sunday, November 28, 2010

As the proverb says.....
Somebody wants to make military-exercises
 in their neighbourhood !!

The proverb says :
Tell me who your friends are,
and I shall tell you who you are..........
The same goes for :
Tell me who your enemies are,
and I shall tell you who you are ....

The USA has Friends and enemies ,
but ,  of course
The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
and the Republic of Egypt both count as being friends ( allies)

In Saudi Arabia any visiting-Jew does not get even an entry visa
( unless his name is Paul  Wolfowitz or Henry Kissinger or Richard Perle)
In Egypt no new Church is allowed to be build
In Saudi Arabia there are no elections and not even a Parliament
In Egypt there is a Parliament and elections but the President never lost.

The enemies of the USA , on the other side, would be
The Islamic Republic of Iran
that has a parliament and even an Iranian-Jew-member in it
election in Iran are as good as anywhere else , although
the Western Media has its own opinion and own standard,
whereas the western-reporters use a microscope instead of Camera.
If any Iranian Christian would like to build a Church , he may do so

Another enemy of the USA
was the Republic of Iraq
that was a secular state with a Christian-person as Vice-president
where churches stood near the Mosques and where Synagogues still stand.
The USA hanged the president of Iraq because he has never had a nuclear-bomb !!
If Saddam would have had one ,
he would be as alive as the President of North-Korea
or as the Israeli-prime-minister.

Conclusion :
If you want to treat badly the Jews and the Christians
you have to be a friend (ally) of the USA.

Otherwise , get yourself an Atomic bomb
and fuck South-Korea   !!!
and eventually fuck the USA , as Israel does !!

Raja Chemayel
I would like to build a church in North Korea
paid by Husny Mubarak secret accounts in Lichtenstein.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Simon Wiesenthal and that virgin-lady!/image/3397585303.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_295/3397585303.jpg
Twice........he survived !!

Simon Wiesenthal is a famous Nazi-hunter
after him is a huge Organisation of the same name.
No problem !!

I am not an expert on the Holocaust
but I always have doubted its size and its nature.

Another thing peculiar to Simon Wiesenthal
is the fact that he was twice incarcerated
in two different Concentration-Camps , and ,
obviously........ he survived both.

This is amazing , to say the least,
and it resembles to the story of a virgin-lady
who was kidnapped twice by some sex-maniacs
who locked her up in brothels,
but she remained as a virgin ..... !!!

Meaning :
A-either the brothels were not so awful
or the Lady (Virgin) was never kidnapped !!
B- either Nazi-concentration-camps were not so awful
or Simon Wiesenthal never was incarcerated

Anyhow miracles do exist sometimes
and lies too !!

Sherlock Hommos

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I do not hate my enemy..
A soldier welding a shop´s door for ever daring to go on trike....
One day he shall change his weapons !!

I do not deny the Holocaust
I just doubt its alleged size.

I do not hate the Jews
I just doubt their origins
and I suspect their final goal .

I do not hate the Americans
I just doubt whether they rule by themselves
or they are manipulated by Zionism.

I do  not  want to throw the Israelis in the sea
I just doubt if they would otherwise ever leave us ,someday ,
voluntarily and peacefully.

I do not hate peace
I just doubt that anything else than a liberation-war
would bring us the Peace .

Raja Chemayel

hatred is the wrong counsellor

Monday, November 22, 2010

The chronology and the chrono-logic ....
 a Zionist,here ,
meets a "future-terrorist ".

Chronology if mixed with  the logic
it becomes chrono-logic.........which means :
a logical consequence of  a something.

I shall give you a practical example
of something chronologically-logical
or logically-chronologic  :

A :
Not all Palestinians and Arabs
are born as terrorists.
Not all Jews are born as Zionists , neither.
but ,only when Zionism came to the Arabs
thereafter ,some Arabs became Terrorists.

Israelis and Jews did not become Zionists,
because some Arabs, once, became Terrorists ,
but the contrary is the correct case......

Raja Chemayel
temporarily-terrorist-until-zionism-leaves-Palestine !

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What would really scare Oussama Ben Laden......
Two caricatures.....

Imagine ,
that the Iraqi regime would have had
an atomic-bomb..... or even several ones ,
and that Oussama Ben Laden could have had  enough money
to bribe them.....and that Oussama would have bought one or two bombs

Imagine , also
that John McCain would have won the presidential elections ( in 2009)
with his partner Sarah Palin
and that, late, John dies in a car accident
and Sarah Palin becomes the President of the USA ( in 2011 )
and that Sarah would have her finger on a button that would launch
the atomic-bombs-rockets !!!!

I bet you that this would really scare Oussama Ben Ladin  !!
and myself too !!

Fate has done that Barrack Obama did succeed ,instead
and that Mr. Ben Laden sleeps much better ......nowadays .
and myself too !!

Conclusion :
Sarah Palin has the highest degree of deterrent
who would shoot a defenceless animal ??

Raja Chemayel
wishing that "democracy" would look diffently.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The greatest democracy north of Mexico
Are those Rabbis elected-officials
or paid-Lobbyists ??
( or, rather ,paying-Lobbyists ?)

Can you call any country as being democratic one
when the decision makers are manipulated
by 2673 Lobbyists and 1344 Interest-groups ??
And last not but least ,
there is the AIPAC !!!  too.

If your answer would be: " No"
would you then expect this country
to be good or rather an evil country  ??

Raja Chemayel
In the Netherlands politicians should report
when he or she has had lunch with a Lobbyist
how much the lunch cost ?? and who paid for it ??

PS :
Democracy , in my book, means:
The will and the power of  ( the majority of) the People.
So where do those Lobbyist fit in here ??

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The artificial-life in the artificial-state
The ambulance coming from the stolen hospital
 to the stolen house....
The (true) face of the State of Israel

Is there life after death ??

this is a mystical, spiritual ,
mythological and religious question.

But I have  simple and practical answer :
yes !!
there is eventually , but ,an artificial-life , when need be .

In a hospital , people are declared "clinically-dead" and yet
they are kept in intensive-care where they breath artificially
and they are fed artificially ..........
and they even need not to go to the toilet, artificially .

This was the case of Ariel Sharon the last four and half years.
It seems that he was released yesterday from the hospital
to regain his house.........

For the last five years I have written about his case,
 five or six  times,
accusing Israel of burying him secretly , because anybody
would be ashamed even to assist to his funerals.....

I was wrong ,
he did not die afteral , and he was kept artificially alive
for almost five years......

I know not , why now , suddenly he regains his house.....??

This would be beside my point.

I have always said that Ariel Sharon is the true face of Israel
which he is indeed...............
and for that same matter nothing changed now.

Because having kept Sharon alive and artificially  ,
also represent
the state in which the sate of Israel is.......
alive but only artificially !!

Without the Jewish Capital and without the US unlimited
and unrestricted support, that artificial State could have never survived.
Let us not also  forget also what Germany has had to pay
as "WIEDERGUTMACHUNG"....compensations.

Again ,
may I repeat my comparison between Ariel Sharon , that War criminal
and that State of Zion , also a war criminal.............
when both are kept artificially alive.,,,,,
for the sake of Imperialism and Zionism.........only.

Raja Chemayel

PS :
I wonder who will dare to attend the funerals of Ariel ???

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Christians of Iraq
Who else , would attack
or harm the Christians of Iraq  ??

They are the most irrelevant minority
they were protected by the Baath
and were not necessarily protecting the Baath.

The so-called "suicide-attackers"
who stormed that churche
have had no demands nor made any declarations
and the army-police that attacked them,  have killed
more christian-worshippers than the so-called attackers.....

who is fooling whom ???

Today ,
Syria ,Lebanon and Jordan have opened their doors
for the Iraqi-(christian)-refugees
while the Christian-USA has not !!!

So who would attack the Christians of Iraq ?
What enemy could they have ??
Whom do they bother ??
What danger do they represent ??
What are they accused of ??

I have only one suspect  !!
and that suspect never liked the Christians........
starting with Jesus of Nazareth..........up to Mr. Tarik Aziz !!

Raja Chemayel

Sunday, November 14, 2010

There are five kinds of Lebanese-Christians
A Cedar has no religion....

There are 5 kind of Lebanese-Christians :

The first kind
has Brains and a Heart and Balls
they joined the SSNP
The Syrian Social Nationalist Party

The second kind
has Brains , and a Heart...... but no Balls
The Join the Lebanese Communist Party

The Third Kind
has no Brains and no Balls just a naive Hart
The join the Phalanges , Al Kata´eb

The Fourth kind
has no Brains , no Heart......... but just Balls
They are members of the Lebanese-Forces
(when they are not smuggling anything more lucrative)

The fifth kind
they found out how dirty are the Third and the Fourth kinds
so they repented ,
and have all joined the General Auon.

Raja Chemayel


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Six questions that will lead you to the assassins of Rafik el Harriri
if there is only one  Ass-hole.......on this planet
this is him !!!............ Herr Detlev Mellis.

Rafik el Harriri was assassinated for a reason
or for many different reasons.......
Find those reasons that will automatically lead you
the the assassins.

Do not  you loose your time in hasty accusations:
The USA and France accused Syria
Israel says it is Hezbollah  !!

Each one accuses , convieniently , his own enemy
so do I , and I always said.......... Israel  did it !!

But for the sake of honesty and integrity
and for the sake of a logical investigation ,
I would like to ask 6 questions
which answers will lead you to the murderers ,
by means of excluding the improbable and by  disregarding the illogic.

The assassins hated equally :
the Lebanon and Syria and Hezbollah , alltogether.
The assassins wanted the Syrian-army out of the Lebanon.
The assassins wanted to destabilise the Lebanon politically
and to re-frangmentate its social tissues.
The assassins wanted to sabotage or to paralyse
the economic-financial-dynamo of the Lebanon
who was Rafik el Harriri , himself.
The assassins wanted to install Hezbollah on the Terrorism-list
which Harriri has previously succeeded in stopping it .
The assassins have had no problems at all ,
with a weak and divided Lebanon.

The assassins planted those physical evidences on the ground
which  are there only to deviate and to erronate any investigations.
Therefore the classical ferensic investigations are doomed to give us
a wrong conclusion and the wrong accusations.

Find for yourself a suspect that fits at least four out of the six questions !!
(I have found one who fits all six of them..... guess who !!)

Do not proceed scientifically nor academicaly
just use only your logic !!

Raja  Chemayel
 you need not to be a genius
to be able to use the logic

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Road-Map for Peace
The road-map-trap !!

The road-map-to-Peace
is a map which no one has ever seen,
except George W. Bush...............and the Devil.

I have had the luck to look into my Cristal-ball
and I saw it .......

I shall describe it to you :

It has no direction pointing North
and the South is yet to be invented
while East and West never meet !!.
Roads start and the same points.
Jews have the priority whether coming from the left
or from the right side. Of course Ashkenazim-jews
have priority above the Sephardi-jews........etc....
Speed-limits apply only to Palestinians
who are not allowed to park anywhere.
Traffic lights  are on green when the settlers drive
and on red when journalists and reporters want to visit them.
If you enter into a roundabout , you cannot get out
unless you recognise the State of Zion , in advance .
The Scales on this map varies depending on who is using it.
Entrances are shown only to the Russians and Ethiopians
while the sign " Exit" is written only in Arabic.
You may read this text while thinking of the song:
"Hotel California".........

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
"welcome to the hotel Arabophobia.......such a lovely place !!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Uncle Eugene

A true story.
True Photo !!

Uncle Eugene with his wife
 Libushe ,the Baroness of Materjoff
(who is my wife´s Aunt)

We have just buried,last week, my wife´s aunt,
Libushe, at the age of 88 .
She has married in 1962 , to a Czech-Jewish Doctor, urologist.

When Hitler annexed Czechoslovakia,
my Father-in-law took that Doctor, my Uncle Eugene, out of Prague
to another town where he made him change his Jewish-name
into a Christian-name..........and register it  officialy,
later he moved him again to a third city
where he spent 2 months before returning back to Prague ,
with a new name , but the same face , of course.

The Nazis who were ruling Czechoslovakia could no more
trace and identify this jewish-brother-in-law  of my christian-father-in-law.

A Happy end to a story
who might have finished completely differently.

Why do I tell tell you this story ??

Simply to make my point , that Jews are not a Race
because any race is (optically) easily identifiable.
Any Jew in Europe is not different to his european-countrymen
nor are Arab-Jews different from the Arabs.

Even Adolf ,
the greatest anti-semite , could not differentiate Jews  from the rest,
therefore he asked everybody to fill in a form , in which a Jew
would voluntarily inform whether he is , or is not .........a Jew.
This form became the only basis for any later discrimination.

So Uncle Eugene , never filled that infamous form ,
never admited that he was a Jew and therefore lived normally
and died of old age,  in 1984......

So ,again , why do I tell you that story ??

Simply to confirm that Jews are not a race, nor a people, nor a nation
therefore they can no more claim to be the "chosen-people",
nor be anything else but members of a religion !

If Uncle Eugene  were a "chosen-person"
he could never have changed his racial-identity,
by changing only his name.

Uncle Eugene , escaped the horrors of he second world war
and was lucky ,also, to marry my wife´s aunt , who was
a very pretty-woman.......
So , Uncle Eugen was a double-lucky-Jew !!

Raja Chemayel

married to the nice-niece of the wife of a Jewish-Czech-Doctor-urologist
who never went to Palestine !!

PS :
The author is a Lebanese residing in the Netherlands
and married to a Czech...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Message to the Christians of the East

The Christians of the Middle East are targeted by the agents of Zionism
because they constitute the future bridge of understanding
between the Christian-West and the Islam of the Orient.

Nobody can explain Islam to the West , better than a Christian Arab.
The Christian-Arabs are the living witnesses to the tolerance of Islam.

The Christian-Arabs have been infiltrated
by fanatic-fascists like in the Lebanon
or by fanatic-idiots like in Egypt.........
all that just to plan and to plant, an artificial animosity with Islam.

In other places where Oriental-Christianity could not be infiltrated ,
for various reason,so the Christians are being martyred just like in Iraq
or Pakistan .

Whatever role Zionism is planing for the Christians of the East ,
it is macabre.

Christians of the East must be wiser
and must follow the paths of:
Antoun Saadeh
George Habash
Naef Hawatmeh
Gibran Khalil Gibran
Edward Saiid
Azmi Beshara
and indeed Gamal Abdel Nasser
Saddam Hussein and Tarek Aziz.

Jesus spoke (almost) Arabic
Jesus is considered a Muslim....... by Islam .

What else do you need ??
to realise that it is:
only one religion but with two interpretations

Raja Chemayel
I call my God , Allah !!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Terrorism or democracy ???
Alexander of Macedonia  ,
the son of the first and son of the greatest democracy ,
once terrorised and robbed the whole world !!

Let us , for the sake of the argument
gather all the freedom-fighters ,
all liberation-movements
all mujaheddin and all insurgents worldwide ,
and especially in the Middle East.....
we shall call them : Coalition of  TERRORISM

on the other hand ,  we shall gather ,
the USA , the UK , France , Israel
and the NATO , too......
and we shall call them : Coalition of  DEMOCRACY

Having done so , and having given them those names,
we shall please count :
1- How many innocent civilians were killed by each ??
2- How many countries were invaded by each ??
3- How many tons of bombs were dropped by each  ??
4- How many weddings were bombed by each ??
5- Who has occupied whom ??
6- Who is holding more prisoners illegally (or even legally)
7- How many Pirates are in Somalia
    and how many Pirates are outside Gaza ??
8- who assasinated Rafiq el Harriri and then blamed Syria ??
    who hanged Saddam Hussein and replaced him by sectarian-maffias ??

After having done this statistical-mathematical-comparison ,
you shall agree with me that :
Democracy should rather be called Terrorism !!

(at least for the time being, and until better time comes....)

Raja Chemayel

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ink can also be used as a weapon !!
Mr. Alaa Jaber al Faifi
the man with so many faces  !!.

Mr. Alaa Jaber al-Faifi :
The man who has tipped-off the West
about the last Terrorist threat
and that "Ink out of Yemen".

He was allegedly an ex-Qua´eeda member
who was arrested "for no reason"
and spent six years in Guantanamo
then released "for no reason"
back to Saudi Arabia
where he has had a rehabilitation cure
and then released free .

Later ,for no "reason" ,again,
he ran away to Yemen
and re-joined Al Qua´eeda, there.

And finally ,
and also " for no reason" this good man
decided to come forward and to warn the world
about those Ink-cartridges from Yemen.

And that is why ,
I call this whole circus implausible and unreliable
but for a "good-reason"!!

Sherlock Hommos

PS :
Hewlett Packhard is very pleased with this man
and shall offer him a Job as anti-trademark-piracy-manager.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Suspicious husbands and Ink out of Yemen.....

The circuit board on the printer found inside the package intercepted in Dubai
Made in Yemen for the USA  !!
"Ink-Cartridges" for printers

I was sitting in front of my PC
writing my next article about:
those very suspicious packages
originating from Yemen
full with "ink-cartridges-for-PC-printers"
destined to Jewish-organisations in the USA...

I was wondering how come Jewish-organisations
would purchase ink from Yemen ????

A mystery for me.......!!

When my door rang
I stood up walked to the front door
and opened , to see the delivery boy
with a Bouquet of Red Roses
addressed to my wife
and sent by Richard Gere
with a little note , attached.

I thanked the delivery boy
and placed the flowers on the commode
in the salon ........and that note too......
Of course I did not read that note
although I got suspicious,
as to why Mr. Richard Gere would send roses
to my wife ......??

I went back to finish my article
on those printing-ink-packages
sent from Yemen, to some "Jews" in the USA

Because this story was more suspicious
than those roses from Richard Gere ,
to my own wife.

More suspicious......I say,
because printing-ink-cartridges
are cheaper in the USA , than in Yemen
and most of all....... the lifetime validity date for ink
would be better in the USA than in Yemen !!!

Strange !!

I have the feeling that I am ending up

as a
  suspicious news colonist

rather than  being
 a suspicious husband

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
Jealous husband