Sunday, December 26, 2010

The morning-after..........Christmas

While Bethlem was emprisoned between the walls,
me and my family were celebrating Christmas.
The next morning we have had to clean up
all the papers and packings in which were all the presents.

That it when it struk me how much packaging was waisted
on the presents who served for such a short time.
The original packaging was from the factory to the shops
but then came the decoration packaging which were added.

I refelcted on that matter and I tought to myself that
the cost of those waisted packaging used in West-Europe
might be equal to all the presents consumed in Africa
or in South America.

Is it fair ??  is is human ??  is it correct ??
Who cares ? the World is itself a colection of injustices !!
Who cares for Bethlehem  ??  also
that birth-place-of-the-liberator is itself emprisoned ,today.

the day after Christmas

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