Friday, December 31, 2010

The seventh decade of the longest tragedy,
starts now.....

The end of a decade ??,
Nothing special !! nor unexpected
nothing useful nor constructive

Baghdad went in ashes,
Kabul was never rebuilt

President Saddam was hanged,
Sharon is still dying (very slowly) in a bed

Gaza was evacuated
so that the Israeli-artillery can work, more efficiently.

Beirut was bombed
so  that their terrorists could try to beat our "terrorists".

In Israel when a president rapes his secretary ,
he gets 4 years in prison,
but when he bombed Beirut and Gaza ,
he got 2 medals.

Ankara and Tehran
became more Arab than Cairo,
Riyadh and Amman, alltogether.

Oussama Ben Ladin retired from "Walt Disney"
and went in hiding at the Bush´s residence-ranch.

The Pope allowed the condoms
but he has said nothing about the prostitution, itself.

A decade full of failed- peace- negotiations
that hardly went further than the opening´s ceremonies

Yasser Arafat was not hanged,
but he was starved in a cellar
until the poison did the rest.

Turkey has remembered its own place
and regained its natural identity

Israeli financial companies have invested in Central
and Eastern Europe more than all the Americans !!

More money was spent on chasing
the Weapons of Mass Destruction
than any money spent on
the destruction of any Cocaine  fields.

George Bush has surpassed Genghis Khan
and Obama has surpassed Uncle Tom

The Promised-Land became the USA,itself
and Palestine is re-baptised as:

In the Lebanon the Syrian army has left
just to make room for the Wahhabi-Dollars.

Somalian pirates have been surpassed
by the Israel-Navy.

The CIA has ,finally ,tolerated leftist-goverments
in South-America ( so far).....

Nothing is new , nothing unexpected
In the next decade the Hackers shall rule the cyberistan
and the Israelis shall relocate in their USA.

By the end of next decade,
if we all are still here , 
remind me to get an Israeli-tourist-visa,
just to be allowed to visit the USA......

Raja Chemayel

Nonetheless ,
I wish to you
and to your loved ones
Happy and Healthy

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