Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Egyptian Christians
Who is a Christian
and who is a Muslim,  here ??

The Egyptian-Christian are more in number
than all the Jews inside and outside Palestine.

The Bomb in Alexandria yesterday has killed
Egyptian-Muslims as well as Egyptian-Christians.

Husny Mubarak declared that it were done by
the Iraqi-Al Qua´eeda , who did it.

I say that it is ,more likely ,
that the allies of Mubarak , who did it.....

At any rate, it was not  Muslims nor Islam who did it !!

To start with , the " Iraqi-Al Qua´eeda " does not exist
and besides that ,
if it existed why would it target Christian-Arabs  ??

So please look elsewhere !!

Raja Chemayel
the first message in 2011

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