Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas and the jobless Jesus

a Palestinian- family in Bethlehem 1945
doesn't this scene look familiar to you ???

Soon comes Christmas
where people exchange gifts
and have probably forgotten the Man from Nazareth.

Christmas comes soon
with Santa-Claus as the central figure
and the Son of Mariam is only in the background,
part of decoration only........ .......

Who cares ?? !!
Factories make more toys
Shops sell more toys
while all the children rejoice

as for Jesus , he is no more needed,
because Santa Claus does everything , instead of him .

This is all a bit like the Holy Lands , today:
Christians of the West support the Jews of the West
and forgot the Christians of the East.

Muslims who believe 100% in the same Jesus
are considered by the West as a far-away-religion
while all the Zionists rejoice and got Palestine as a gift .

Materialism took over from Spiritualism

while a Religion became a Nation
and another real-Nation becomes a nation of refugees.

The Promised-land becomes the loote for the invaders
while the victims of that invasion become the Terrorists
and our robbers give us lessons in Democracy and Freedoms.

Christmas-symbolism is sold to the shops

while National Rights are traded in the United Nation Assemblya
and ex-Colonial- powers want to lesson us about the Human-right.

Bethlehem , is surrounded by a wall
while no one from Nazareth can reach it
and the shops of Gaza have no gifts to sell ,
let alone bread, to eat.

Soon comes Christmas
you shall recognise it only by seeing Santa Claus
and that huge Wall.......

Raja Chemayel

a Christian from the East

an Arab from the Lebanon

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Voltaire and I

Dr. I. Alloush
an Arab-Knight

The end of the year 2008, is getting closer
and equally the end of Bush , as President.
I shall not repeat what I think of G.W.Bush
but shall only remind you that the USA
has voted for him twice.
They tried him out the first 4 years ...........
and then
they did not mind having him another 4 more years.
One says, that Democracy is ,among other things, :
the accountability of the elected- Leaders
I say that Democracy is also :
the accountability of the electors , themselves !!
The population of Iraq was not to be held responsible
for having President Saddam Hussein ,one could argue that,
in a Western way of political-logic. ......
and yet the Iraqi were bombed , starved, invaded and occupied
because their leader was President Saddam Hussein .
And then , what should be the punishment for the US-citizens
for having chosen and voted for a monster called G.W.Bush ???...twice !!
Voltaire once said :
The ideal ruler would be a humane-Tyrant........unquote
I say :
G.W.Bush was not at all humane nor does he qualify ,theoretically ,
to be called Tyrant .
Conclusion :
Monsieur Voltaire and myself , do not agree to G.W.Bush
and both of us would, rather, have a President like
President Saddam Hussein....instead of Bush
if and when we are allowed to choose our leaders .
Raja Chemayel

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A " Size 10 " memorabilia......

Show me your shoe
and I shall
surely show no shame.

George W. Bush has, indeed, declared after that shoe-incident
that this projectile ( The shoe) was actually a Size 10 shoe.

Size 10 means in European-standards, a size 45 shoe .
(No offence for our US colleagues and US readers
but here in Europe we are more advanced, we reached the 45 )

George Bush must have measured that shoe
because he obviously has kept it as "corpus delicti"
for the next invasion......of Malaysia or France.
or as a memorabilia to show it to his grand-children,later on.

And, symbolically ,
this pair of shoes are :
the only honest thing which George has got out of Iraq.
(or, also, the only thing which George has earned or deserved , so far )

The Smithsonian-Museum would like to have them too,
and Larry King shall interview them next Friday......

Oprah Winfrey declined them , due to some unpleasant odours
because that Journalist was very recently in a prison without showers
for 45 days , while being investigated by Black-Waters . (true!)

It is a bit ironic that The Neo-Cons brought to us democracy
and got back some used -smelly-old-shoes , in return !!!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

Monday, December 15, 2008

The 20.000 Dollars Shoe

What would have happened if that shoe did hit the target ?
That shoe would be sold for 20.000 Dollars .

What would have happened if that shoe did hit the target ?
That shoe would need to be disinfected , afterwords .

What would have happened if that shoe did hit the target ?
That shoe would be considered as
"the" weapon of mass destruction .

What would have happened if that shoe did hit the target ?
George Bush would have stolen it , like anything else .

What would have happened if that shoe did hit the target ?
And George would have swallow it ????
Well then , G.W.Bush would have doubled his value .

Anyhow ,
Bush survived this violent attack
and this demonstrated to us that
the Freedom of the Press exists , finally, now in Iraq !!

Sherlock Hommos
shoe-size 43 (9 1/2)

Announcement by Press-Secretary of White house

Press release
NR. 45-886-NAG

from the desk of
the Press-Secretary
of the White-house
U.S and A

As per date ,
all Arab and/or Muslim Journalists/ Reporters
and Correspondants
attending to any Press-Conference
must enter bear-footed.
(provided they use the right amount
of foot-deodorants !!!
prior to the conferences)

Venezuelan-Reporter s may keep their shoes
but must abide by the deodorant-regulatio ns.

Salomon-David Footnote
Press-secretary- White-House

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday followed by Monday

when Monet made this painting ,there was no State of Israel
and Arabs had no Oil.

It is Sunday today ,
I need not to write. I shall sit back and relax
while Gaza is starving ,
Iraq is bleeding
Afghanistan is wondering what to do with so much imported-democracy
Iran is building a rocket or two
Lebanon is searching for an identity
Syria is fortifying its moral-superiority
Egypt is collecting the ransom of Peace
Somalians are expanding their naval dominance
Israel is feeding its settlers with hope and weapons
US Governors sell you "anything"
a US-Jews stole 50 billion-Dollars

and it is only a Sunday......

after Sunday comes a Monday
and Gaza shall starve further..... ...
while the World's conscience would feel as if it is still a relaxing-Sunday

Raja Chemayel
Sunday 14 December 2008