Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Voltaire and I

Dr. I. Alloush
an Arab-Knight

The end of the year 2008, is getting closer
and equally the end of Bush , as President.
I shall not repeat what I think of G.W.Bush
but shall only remind you that the USA
has voted for him twice.
They tried him out the first 4 years ...........
and then
they did not mind having him another 4 more years.
One says, that Democracy is ,among other things, :
the accountability of the elected- Leaders
I say that Democracy is also :
the accountability of the electors , themselves !!
The population of Iraq was not to be held responsible
for having President Saddam Hussein ,one could argue that,
in a Western way of political-logic. ......
and yet the Iraqi were bombed , starved, invaded and occupied
because their leader was President Saddam Hussein .
And then , what should be the punishment for the US-citizens
for having chosen and voted for a monster called G.W.Bush ???...twice !!
Voltaire once said :
The ideal ruler would be a humane-Tyrant........unquote
I say :
G.W.Bush was not at all humane nor does he qualify ,theoretically ,
to be called Tyrant .
Conclusion :
Monsieur Voltaire and myself , do not agree to G.W.Bush
and both of us would, rather, have a President like
President Saddam Hussein....instead of Bush
if and when we are allowed to choose our leaders .
Raja Chemayel

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