Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday followed by Monday

when Monet made this painting ,there was no State of Israel
and Arabs had no Oil.

It is Sunday today ,
I need not to write. I shall sit back and relax
while Gaza is starving ,
Iraq is bleeding
Afghanistan is wondering what to do with so much imported-democracy
Iran is building a rocket or two
Lebanon is searching for an identity
Syria is fortifying its moral-superiority
Egypt is collecting the ransom of Peace
Somalians are expanding their naval dominance
Israel is feeding its settlers with hope and weapons
US Governors sell you "anything"
a US-Jews stole 50 billion-Dollars

and it is only a Sunday......

after Sunday comes a Monday
and Gaza shall starve further..... ...
while the World's conscience would feel as if it is still a relaxing-Sunday

Raja Chemayel
Sunday 14 December 2008

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