Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gaza and fate......

The brave helpers breaking the Siege

In Gaza the stomachs are empty
but the hearts are full

In Gaza the hospitals are full
but the pharmacies are empty

In Gaza no one drives at high speed
there is no fuel.

In Gaza the Airport has always parking-spaces
available and free of charge.

In Gaza prisons are open 7 days a week
because the borders are closed 8 days a week .

In Gaza you cannot cross to Egypt
although you are an Arab
and you cannot cross to Israel ,
for the same reason .

In Gaza bakeries have no electricity
and the electricity- generating- plant has no bread.

In Gaza freedom is available,
liberation is done
and the self-determination is practised
only , bread,electricity and fuel , are missing !!

You can reach Gaza
by sea , using a submarine
or by land , using a tunnel.

Gaza ,
the only liberated part of Palestine !!
and remember.... ......... ...Freedom is never cheap !!

Raja Chemayel

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