Sunday, December 7, 2008

A walk in the Park......

A cold Sunday in December.... ..
my dog , my son and I ......take a walk in the Park.

My son :
Papa why did you make fun about the Mumbai attack
and you called it " a CIA/Mossad operation"
in your last article. ( See article: Mumbai-chicken with Rice )

Son , do you remember the plot of the last film
of James Bond ,...."Casino Royal" ??

My son :
Yes I do remember it , it was about a kind of a Mafia that
hires people to do Terror-bombing anywhere....
or to start an artificial civil-war in Africa ,
and then to stop it at the right time ,when needed .
That kind-of-Mafia , consequently,
manipulated the Stock Market.

I said :
Well did you not believe that film ??
was it not plausible ?? for you .

My son :
Yes indeed ,........... . this could happen !!

I responded :
Why would you believe a film by Ian Flemming
and not a sarcastic-article by your father ??

My son :
how about a hot chocolate ?? , it is cold out here !!

Raja Chemayel
in a cold Amsterdam

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