Monday, December 8, 2008

How to screw the people least

Drawing by Ben Heine

Three Top Car Manufacturing Presidents
flew last week to Washington , to request a donation ,
called "bail-out".

Each came by his own Private Jet , separately.
It is remarkable ,to see ,three beggars
landing in three different Private jets.......

yes, but that is all part of the American Dream .

Practically this is all US Tax-money
collected from those who once ( or many times)
have bought cars from them
and logically have paid sales-tax , among all other taxes.

There it is Folks !!!

In America you buy a car , you pay taxes,
and George Bush gives your taxes back to those
who have sold you the the first place.

The American Dream :
or " How to screw the people twice" least .

When you have bought an American Car
and have lost one son fighting to steal the Iraqi oil
which went inside your American-car at a higher price
and then G.W.Bush gives away your Tax money to those
who sold you the car that consumed that Iraqi oil.....
that cost you one son.

Then , how often have you been screwed ??
by the US Governement,
more than twice !! Surely.

Sherlock Hommos PhD.

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Ben Heine said...

Thanks again, Raja, awesome.
I've reposted it on my blog