Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gaza , the Hometown of Delilah

Samson , the first
Suicide-attacker !

In Gaza lived Delilahand Samson was not allowed to marry her
because she did not share his own-private- exclusive- religion.
Delilah was a Palestinian- woman
and Samson lived in Palestine but he felt
different and superior to his neighbours , to his hosts,
those Palestinians who were long there before him .

Also Delilah could not have received the Message of God
because the Jews would have kept it exclusively for them.

Delilah was a godless-Palestinian ,nevertheless a
non-guilty-human- being.

It is Jesus of Nazareth who later has spread God's message
to the Palestinians, to the Greeks,the Roman soldiers and universally ,
which made him very unpopular by the Jews.
The Jewish-Apartheid ,
forbids to Samson to mary the woman he loved
and forbids to Jesus to spread the message openly.
Samson has had extraordinary strength ,
due to his long hair.
But as soon as, his hair was cut off ,
then Samson became human.

When shall we give to Israel , a hair-cut ??

Raja Chemayel

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