Saturday, October 15, 2011

The value of any prisoner 
More than one thousand pictures of this soldiers ,
but none showed him carrying his army-weapons....
why ???
The value of a prisoner,
is measured by the danger or the damages
that this prisoner has done , or can do.

When a prisoner´s swap is done ,
we assume that each part of that exchange
must be equal in order to have both parties agreeing
and both satisfied too.

When one Israeli soldier is swapped for 1023 Palestinians ,
 I assume ,or  I conclude,  that the danger or the guilt 

(or the damages)  of each part of that deal,  would be also equal.

The guilt of that Israeli soldier was :
1- being an active citizen of an apartheid+oppressive+colonialist state
2- occupying a stolen land (while even having a double nationality)
3- member of the army of an occupier and a besieging force

What was the guilt of the other 1023 prisoners  ??
if and when we cannot find any "guilt" for them,
then we have to assume and declare them as HOSTAGES , only.

Bearing in mind that 90% of those 1023  " prisoners "
where not even charged, nor did they face any judge,
let alone meeting with any lawyer.


One Israeli soldier is being swapped 

for 1023 Palestinian-Hostages !!

Raja Chemayel
a hostage to the Truth

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Iranian-Mexican plot ....on USA soil.
Sherlock Hommos ,PhD 
reporting from Washingston

About one hour ago , the TV´s news
reported that the USA has uncovered a plot
to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in Washington.....

and of course , the two suspects are Iranians
who else ???

Being suspicious by nature and sarcastic by choice
I ask myself (and to you too) some questions :

1) if   and when an Iranian-agent (or terrorist)  wants to assassinate a Saudi Ambassador
why to choose the USA where it is the most difficult place to operate such a plot

2) if and when an Iranian agent wants to assassinate an Ambassador ,
why to ask help from the Mexican drugs mafia ???

3) if and when the USA counter intelligence is monitoring Iranian agents,
who come they used their informer within the Mexican Mafia ???

4)  How soon ??? shall we hear that the USA has bombed Tehran,
as a retaliation to that plot ????

Sherlock Hommos
assistant to Dr. Watson

And so they called it " Spring"

America´s favorit game......

The Arab spring ,so far.

In Tunisia :
(Ben)Ali Baba has left ,
leaving behind him his 40 thieves

In Egypt :
The leader of the Junta
is now in a hospital-bed
but his Junta remained.

In Yemen :
The Tyrant took refuge in the Tyrant´s-paradise
while his people are still besieged

In Libya :
the NATO bombed to free all the way 
for a greedy bunch of headless-aimless-rebels
while Qaddafi has still to re-liberate his country , 
for the second time in 40 years.

In Syria :
all unsatisfied-citizens and the Wahhabi-mercenaries
joined forces to claim an illusion of  a democracy 
they have never ever seen before,
(nor did the Wahhabi´s masters)

The Spring I missed
would be the Palestinian-spring
in which the PA and the PLO
would be dumped and recycled.....!!

In the meantime,
Turkey is "stealing the show"  from Iran
the only-active-armed-forces of resistance
(Hamas + Hezbollah)
are being asked to disarm....

Raja Chemayel
suffering from  a "Spring-allergy"

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ten years of democratic-Opium-growth

Opium and democracy

Put aside any sarcasm,
do not look at it suspiciously,
do not use any prejudices,
and try for once , with me too, to be objective
as objective,................. as any human can be.

And now ,
look at Afghanistan 10 Years after the western-invasion
or better , let us not say "invasion",
but simply say the western-intervention.

Do you see or feel or suspect or deduct , any changes ??
are they positive  ??
are we now safer ??
are even the Afghans today safer ??
did the east-west-gap grow thinner ??
are religious prejudices less or more ??
did the Shador disappear , or was it at least reduced ??
how many hospitals or schools or highways were built ???
Who got richer or better or happier or safer,  besides
the Family Karzay................ and the Military-contractors ??

The truth is ,that not even an objective mind can help !!

Sherlock Hommos

PS :
The same question applies  for
Iraq and Libya ??

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Abortion Of A Nation

palestine rOCKS tO
 tANKS Images

Today´s situation in the Palestinian-Israeli-confrontations, boils down to this :

"A synthetic-State ,
with constantly-expanding+undefined-borders,
wants to cause an abortion before the inevitable birth of a 

What the UN shall do , or not do , remains a question 
of those tactical-diplomatic-games in which Israel is a master of .

Raja Chemayel
waiting since 62 years !!