Monday, October 10, 2011

Ten years of democratic-Opium-growth

Opium and democracy

Put aside any sarcasm,
do not look at it suspiciously,
do not use any prejudices,
and try for once , with me too, to be objective
as objective,................. as any human can be.

And now ,
look at Afghanistan 10 Years after the western-invasion
or better , let us not say "invasion",
but simply say the western-intervention.

Do you see or feel or suspect or deduct , any changes ??
are they positive  ??
are we now safer ??
are even the Afghans today safer ??
did the east-west-gap grow thinner ??
are religious prejudices less or more ??
did the Shador disappear , or was it at least reduced ??
how many hospitals or schools or highways were built ???
Who got richer or better or happier or safer,  besides
the Family Karzay................ and the Military-contractors ??

The truth is ,that not even an objective mind can help !!

Sherlock Hommos

PS :
The same question applies  for
Iraq and Libya ??

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