Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Iranian-Mexican plot ....on USA soil.

Sherlock Hommos ,PhD 
reporting from Washingston

About one hour ago , the TV´s news
reported that the USA has uncovered a plot
to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in Washington.....

and of course , the two suspects are Iranians
who else ???

Being suspicious by nature and sarcastic by choice
I ask myself (and to you too) some questions :

1) if   and when an Iranian-agent (or terrorist)  wants to assassinate a Saudi Ambassador
why to choose the USA where it is the most difficult place to operate such a plot

2) if and when an Iranian agent wants to assassinate an Ambassador ,
why to ask help from the Mexican drugs mafia ???

3) if and when the USA counter intelligence is monitoring Iranian agents,
who come they used their informer within the Mexican Mafia ???

4)  How soon ??? shall we hear that the USA has bombed Tehran,
as a retaliation to that plot ????

Sherlock Hommos
assistant to Dr. Watson

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