Saturday, September 29, 2007

Opium,Opportunism and Opinions

Prof. Bollinger

If and when a Westerner has five girlfriends
three of them he drops out
and the two others he makes them pregnant ,
and marries the sixth girlfriend only to divorce her later
he is called a Playboy !

When an Arab has more than one Girlfriend
he is called unfaithful ,
macho or male-chauvinist, if not a sex-maniac.

When Saddam Hussein reoccupies his own Kuwait
he was called invader, dictator and "threat to Peace"
When George Bush bombs the whole of Baghdad
he is called "Democracy-distribu tor"

When the Talibans forbid the Opium trade
in Afghanistan and also forbid its exports to the West,
they were called backwards,evil and a potential threat.
When the NATO-forces looks to the other way , to the growing
the exports of Opium to the West.......itself,
nobody has had found any name to describe this.

When an Israeli Pilot bombs the electricity- central-plant
of Beirut
he is called "Hero"
When a Palestinian takes a trip on an Israeli bus ,
full of illegal-settlers and of military personnel on their way
to an assignment.. ...he is called Terrorist !!

When President Ahmadinejad does not stop
a fully-legal execution of a convicted-criminal in Tehran...... .....
while President George Bush never gave any amnesty
nor even any postponements to his prisoners on the Death-row.
And then Prof Lee Bollinger calls President Ahmadinejad
"Petty-dictator" ............ .

When President Ahmadinejad has proposed to wipe out
an illegitimate- illegal-aggresso r-State called Israel from the map,
he was called Tyrant and anti-Semite.
What shall we then call President Bush for factually
and practically wiping out Iraq from the map ??

When Bollinger complains about the "innocent" prisoners
in Tehran...... ......
what shall we call the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay ????

When a blue-eyed-Russian , who is not even a Semite ,
let alone being a Jew or not , comes to Palestine ,
it is called "law of return".
When all the Palestinians are either occupied or exiled
they have no name.......
so let us call them "the children of a lesser God"
Raja Chemayel
hoping that Prof Bollinger would smoke Afghan-Opium and ends up in Bush's prison
and will have President Ahmadinejad as his lawyer....

Friday, September 28, 2007

I was often asked .....

I was often asked why I do keep on attacking,
discrediting, undermining and criticising George W. Bush
and his USA , in general ??

My answer is : "because it is the easiest thing to do"
especially knowing that since their bombing of the Reichstag
in Mai 1945 until today , nothing was done correctly ,
nor ethically nor even morally-acceptable.

Like even invading Grenada which is hard to find on any map !!!

Thus the USA is not only the easiest target ,for me,
but rather also the biggest target where you cannot miss it .

It is like shooting at a mature elephant
from 2 metres distance , in broad day light.

Besides that Finland,Canada and Brazil

never did me any wrong ,
while Israel without the USA wont survive until next Friday.....

Take away the USA and Israel will follow it soon
but taking away Israel...... ..and then , the USA shall become
just another dull-Super-power.

Raja Chemayel

not necessarily a fighter....
28 Sept.2007

PS :

Save the USA from Israel.........

and then save the World from this USA !!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hospitality is the first step in any Civilisation

How to measure (any) Civilisation ??

The methods vary and are also numerous
but one simpler way would be to assess the degree
and the quality of anybodies' Hospitality.
(as a start !! )

Yesterday President Ahmadinejad was invited
to Columbia University only to be cheaply insulted.
The Dean of the University Prof. Lee Bollinger
has used terms that only someone like George Bush could deserve
......while preceding and introducing President Amadinejad,
his Guest .

Bollinger's introduction resembled rather
an Indictment text in a Court of Law
when the purpose of that meeting were
"to listen to what the enemy of the USA has had to say ".

Among other ( jewels ) President Ahmadinejad said :
What do the Palestinian have to be blamed for,
in that Holocaust ??

I leave it up to you to judge who was more polite
and who was more ethical and honest
and who has had a hidden agenda worthy
of any hypocrite and cheap coward.

Simply and basically President Ahamadinejad
whether he were a dictator or not ,
was never addressed to as " Mister President "
nor at least as Doctor ,.......which he is both.....!!

Middle Easterner Hospitality and Civilisation(s)
go side by side and both are not under the microscope now.

A Guest is a Guest, to be first of all "protected"and respected ,
whatever he or she would be.

It is rather so that, this US renowned University ,
and what it ought to represent which are now questionable.
Civicaly speaking ,

Any Western Tourist who has spent only 10 days in the Middle East,
experiences genuine Hospitality and talks about it , even 6 years later on.

Our Hospitality is legendary !!

Maybe that Dean of that University ought to take a cheap-package-holidays
to some cheap 2 stars Hotel Resort anywhere in the Middle East
or in the Muslim World , only to find superior Hospitality than he has offered
to a President and a to Doctor .

Raja Chemayel
25Th of September 2007

PS :
My Daughter will enter the University next year
and I would rather send her to Kazakhstan-University
with Mr. Borat as the Dean, there.........
rather than that Colombia Uni. under that Prof. Bollinger !

This is not an insult..............but a more civic choice !