Friday, September 28, 2007

I was often asked .....

I was often asked why I do keep on attacking,
discrediting, undermining and criticising George W. Bush
and his USA , in general ??

My answer is : "because it is the easiest thing to do"
especially knowing that since their bombing of the Reichstag
in Mai 1945 until today , nothing was done correctly ,
nor ethically nor even morally-acceptable.

Like even invading Grenada which is hard to find on any map !!!

Thus the USA is not only the easiest target ,for me,
but rather also the biggest target where you cannot miss it .

It is like shooting at a mature elephant
from 2 metres distance , in broad day light.

Besides that Finland,Canada and Brazil

never did me any wrong ,
while Israel without the USA wont survive until next Friday.....

Take away the USA and Israel will follow it soon
but taking away Israel...... ..and then , the USA shall become
just another dull-Super-power.

Raja Chemayel

not necessarily a fighter....
28 Sept.2007

PS :

Save the USA from Israel.........

and then save the World from this USA !!

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