Saturday, September 29, 2007

Opium,Opportunism and Opinions

Prof. Bollinger

If and when a Westerner has five girlfriends
three of them he drops out
and the two others he makes them pregnant ,
and marries the sixth girlfriend only to divorce her later
he is called a Playboy !

When an Arab has more than one Girlfriend
he is called unfaithful ,
macho or male-chauvinist, if not a sex-maniac.

When Saddam Hussein reoccupies his own Kuwait
he was called invader, dictator and "threat to Peace"
When George Bush bombs the whole of Baghdad
he is called "Democracy-distribu tor"

When the Talibans forbid the Opium trade
in Afghanistan and also forbid its exports to the West,
they were called backwards,evil and a potential threat.
When the NATO-forces looks to the other way , to the growing
the exports of Opium to the West.......itself,
nobody has had found any name to describe this.

When an Israeli Pilot bombs the electricity- central-plant
of Beirut
he is called "Hero"
When a Palestinian takes a trip on an Israeli bus ,
full of illegal-settlers and of military personnel on their way
to an assignment.. ...he is called Terrorist !!

When President Ahmadinejad does not stop
a fully-legal execution of a convicted-criminal in Tehran...... .....
while President George Bush never gave any amnesty
nor even any postponements to his prisoners on the Death-row.
And then Prof Lee Bollinger calls President Ahmadinejad
"Petty-dictator" ............ .

When President Ahmadinejad has proposed to wipe out
an illegitimate- illegal-aggresso r-State called Israel from the map,
he was called Tyrant and anti-Semite.
What shall we then call President Bush for factually
and practically wiping out Iraq from the map ??

When Bollinger complains about the "innocent" prisoners
in Tehran...... ......
what shall we call the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay ????

When a blue-eyed-Russian , who is not even a Semite ,
let alone being a Jew or not , comes to Palestine ,
it is called "law of return".
When all the Palestinians are either occupied or exiled
they have no name.......
so let us call them "the children of a lesser God"
Raja Chemayel
hoping that Prof Bollinger would smoke Afghan-Opium and ends up in Bush's prison
and will have President Ahmadinejad as his lawyer....


Wajid said...

Assalam alaikum,

I honestly appreciate whatever you have written on this site.

It takes lot of love, courage and a good heart to do this !!

I also liked the phrase " an Arab-Lebanese, a Christian by birth, a muslim by culture and a democrat by nature". I expected that you would be a young man in his 20's. I'm surprised, Alhamdu lillah, that you spend so much time and energy at this age of yours.

No offense ment to hurt anyone.

Best Wishes and Blessings of Allah be upon you,
Your brother in religion,

Raja Chemayel said...

Next year I will be 60 inchallah !!

I hope to live longer than Israel
thank you for your kind words !!

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