Monday, October 1, 2007

To Whom belongs Moses ???

To whom belongs Moses?

Born in Egypt from doubtful parental-origins
Then raised by the Pharaohs and practically without his natural parents

If we consider that his mother were to be a Jew, this would be wrong,
because there was no Judaism yet, on the day Moses was born
Judaism started on the day when Moses received the 10 commandments.

So on his birthday, his mother could not have been a Jew
and actually all those slaves he freed out of Egypt
could not be Jewish neither.
Any slave out of any pagan-religion or belief could have joined him
in his big escape…………out of slavery.

So on D-Day when that exodus started out of Egypt ,
Moses was not a Jew, and Judaism did not even exist yet
thus his followers could be anyone….and everyone.

Besides all that, we have a major contradiction
in the way God may have spoken onto Moses
while in Egypt God would have asked him to kill
each“first-born- child” in each Egyptian family and also allegedly to steal the treasures of the Pharaohs.

Then 2 years later….. and 135 km further in the Sinai Desert
God would have commanded to Moses:
1-Not to Kill and 2- Not to steal

Was it the same God who spoke completely differently?
or was that the same Moses who changed from a thief and a killer
into a Prophet??

I must accept and believe that Moses did exist
because my religion and the two other monotheistic religions
recognise and confirm it…………..
But it is his identity that bothers me
and the fact that some people later would like to call him exclusively theirs.

So far so good,
but comes now another problem or another enigma on my mind:

When Moses arrived to the Land of Canaan ,
With all those people who were not necessarily the “chosen-People”
he found an inhabited country in front of him, and not at all empty
nor deserted nor abandoned ……not “for Sale nor for Rent “

So my question would be:
How come, allegedly, God would “promise” an inhabited Land?
to a multitude of people who were not necessarily chosen nor even Jews??
And secondly what is a Jew? anyone, perhaps, who follows Moses?
And my second question would be , who is an Israeli ?
Anyone, perhaps, who follows David Ben Gorion,

I believe in Moses....... ...and piss on David Ben Gorion….

So who am I ?? also a Jew ?? or just a believer ??
Because also Jesus and Mohammad both recognised Moses,
would they also become Jews?? or simply fervent believers
And when we all would agree that Jesus and Mohammad were also to be Jews , in the sense of "believers".....

the Promised Land would belong to all of us……
as well as Moses who does belong to all.

Raja Chemayel
30th of Sept.2007

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