Saturday, January 2, 2010

The bridges to nowhere....and Tunnels to Gaza

Dedicated to ,
Annie Goosens
and to
Enrique Ferro


  1300 non-Arab-non- Muslim-activist !!
in Cairo.
The 1.300 Humanist-activist
 were stranded in Cairo,
and not being allowed to reach the starving-Gaza.
 They should have taken those Tunnels
Because ,today, even humanity must be hidden
in Tunnels
when humanity meets with the stooges of the USA in Cairo
on its way to reach and help the victims of  Zionism in Gaza.
Give me those Tunnels anytime
and keep ,for yourself, those broken-bridges
on which walk all your broken-promises !!
Peace ,nowadays, needs a Tunnel
while  Hypocrisy
may jump from any bridge.
In my book ,
a Jew who does not emigrate to Israel
is a better human-being 
than any Arab-person living  anywhere
when this Arab does not help Palestine ! .
In my book , those 1300 activist
are more worth than all the Arab-leaders 
who became spectators watching
their own impotence !!
 1300 non-Arabs came to Cairo
to show human-brotherhood
but were stopped by less than dogs,
calling themselves "Arabs". 
1300 non-Muslims came to Cairo
to show non-religious- solidarity- with Muslims
but were stopped
by  Godless-policemen
calling themselves "Muslim "
Shame on Cairo  !!
the birthplace of Camp-David (1978)
Shame on this Cairo-Regime  !!
that defamed
the last address of  El Raiss  !!!
Raja Chemayel
do not bury me in Cairo !!
2nd. Jan. 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

Tony can sleep far!!

 why do caricaturists get it , almost always right ??

The BlackWaters Mercenaries
have had their "charges all dismissed "
because..... ...... a USA Court , said so.

So now,
armed mercenaries who shoot 16 unarmed-civilians
only because they thought that they were to be in any form of danger
are not literally innocent ,  but anyhow they can walk home free.
and that counts !!!!

As from now on ,
Tony Blair must sleep much better at night ,
because he did not shoot those 16 civilians
but he thought  that Saddam Hussein would have
Weapons of Mass Destructions
(and he could use them within 45 minutes)
and then Tony sent his armies and invaded a country
where one Million died............ .including those 16..

Tony also has a second reason to sleep so well
because it is not a Court-House he shall visit very soon,
but merely a Commission of  Enquiry
where none of the Panelist is a jurist
where all the Panelist are appointed by
no one else than , Tony´s ex-right-hand.

So let us put everything in perspective
and let us also compare :

A- Mercenaries who shoot unarmed civilians
    have  a no-case against them.
B- A prime minister who appointed that person who selected
    that Panel which anyhow cannot condemn , but can only enquire,
    shall never be found responsible ( nor guilty ).

Conclusion :
Tony Blair shall never use any sleeping-pills
until the day he shall meet the Devil.....

Raja Chemayel
on the first day of the second decade in the third millennium

Thursday, December 31, 2009

My special wishe for 2010

2010 is a year like any other
do not expect much out of it, because....
already ,
Obama started loosing his original colour
Iran is still accused of  its legal-intentions
Gaza is isolated and insulated and quarantined

2010........ .is but another year
in this cascade of the lost days....but,
If by Miracle the Peace shall come
Israel shall buried it under those Settlements
if by another Miracle, Democracy in Iraq, shall be re-born
it is eroded by nepotism and sectarianism
and if the Taliban are to eliminated,
then the Opium-lords shall simply replace them .

in 2010 .....
I have one special wish,   because..... .
neither Democracy nor Peace nor Freedom
are around the corner:

So , I wish to assist to the funerals and to the burial of Ariel Sharon
because he has been now in intensive-care since 5 years, already
and it cost so much electricity- power just to keep him artificially alive.


Besides all that waist of energy on him ,
in the last 5 years he did not make any widows nor make any orphans
nor anything Zionistically- acceptable.

So what is the use to keeping an Israeli alive
when he is no more killing nor stealing ??

In 2010 ,
I want to watch Ariel´s funerals
not that I do regret his death ,
as much as, I chiefly regret his birth !!!

But Israel is now ashamed
even to burry its  own National-Hero
ashamed to burry its true face !!

wishing all of you a :

A Happy and Healthy
and Just

Raja Chemayel
Sherlock Hommos,PhD
Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

" Ich habe es nicht gewusst !"


Adolf´s personal-body- guard ,
had never heard of the concentrations- camps .
"Ich habe es nicht gewusst"
translation :
"I did not know it "
At the end of the second world war
when the secrets about the Concentrations Camps
were becoming a wide public knowledge... .
Many Germans and also the right-wing-European s
said : Ich habe es nicht gewusst !!
In the year 2014 when Husny Mubarak
shall stand trial for his deeds
he shall say to the ruling judge :
Ana ma kontish baaraf haga !!
which means :
Ich habe es nicht gewusst !!
which means :
I did know anything about Gaza´s suffering
which means :
History cannot judge the accomplice of Nathaniahu
which means :
the dog of the hangman..... ... can also be innocent ..
By the way ,
Hitler´s Body-Guard who was with him ,
even until the Berlin-Bunker- episode ,
and was even operating the direct and personal
telephone of Adolf
also said :
Ich habe es nicht gewusst !!
and so he got only 10 years prison, in Russia.
 this Body-Guard was married
to a Jewish-German- Lady
and he also said ; "  I did not know it "
that his own wife was a Jew.
Just in case Husny Mubarak really  "does not know"
could the Mole  reading , regularly, my mail
pass it on to Husny ??
Please do that !!
............  Thank you Joe !!
Raja Chemayel
trying today to sky in the Alps,looking for the snow
but I did not know about the Global-Warming
so I am boring the Hotel Barmaid with my jokes....all afternoon. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Road to Gaza

Different ways to transport the goods to Gaza


Thousands of world activists are trying to reach Gaza
with about a thousand tons of humanitarian-emergency-goods.

There is a dilemma, here,  for the Masters of the game :

If those activist are forbidden to reach Gaza
it will prove that the Egyptian Regime is a dirty-dictatorship
and equally that it is an inhumane one......
and also that it qualifies for treason.

If they reach Gaza , somehow , it will remind to the world that
one and a half Million civilians were starved,deprived and besieged.
Which will reconfirm the nature of the Sate of Israel .

If it were a Hollywood film ,
then the happy ending would come
whereas Moses  succeeds in crossing the Sinai-desert ,
like those activists could do, and that Mubarak shall drawn in the Red-Sea
like his predecessors did .

But today Hollywood has less to say , or to do.....
so the end-scenario comes from Tel Aviv :

1- all activists must come via Israel and consume 3 nights
    in Israeli hotels , restaurants and Taxis.
2- they may do their shopping only of Israeli-produced-humanitarian-goods
3- they may deposit those goods at the Gaza-Israel-borders only
    where a 14% export duties shall be paid and 16% V.A..T tax
    and a surplus of 32 % as transportation-fees.
4- once the goods reach inside Gaza , the priority  with the distribution
    shall be given to the informers of Israel , still stationed there.

The "happy end "
shall consist in the fact that Mubarak shall not drawn
and Netanyahu shall get the Nobel Peace Prize.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
customs-clearing-agent at Eretz.

You should ask for a Tax-refund !!

My Crown-Princess Maxima
this is were (or to whom) my taxes go to.
How about yours ???
Those readers who pay their taxes in the USA
ought to ask for a Refund...... !!
due to unsatisfactory services !!
or even due to non-rendered services !!
Those readers who do not pay their taxes to Uncle Sam
may sit back relax and have a good laugh .......Like me .
The Homeland Security Agency
has had that Nigerian Young-man of the Delta Airline-Detroit
on its list of suspect which could be uploaded from any
embassy computer or even from Airline Computers.
The USA Embassy in Nigeria
received a pre-warning from the father of the Hijacker
who is not just anybody , but was an ex-minister
and is the Chairman of a well respected bank.
And we all know the end of this story......
Anyhow I pay my taxes to a nice Queen
with a prettier Daughter in Law ,
so I need not to complain.
But US Citizens surely ought to claim a tax-refund !!
Or the USA ought to cancel all the Visas to people
with a Muslim name, or Arabic-name
or even to Yemen-Jews , Iraqi-Jews and to Moroccan-Jews
(who kept their arabic-names) .
Or simply , any person who is darker than George Cluny !!
Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
Half-Yemenee , Half-chosen
PS :
The author lives in the Netherlands
and pays his taxes , on time and in full
but not necessarely with a smile !

Monday, December 28, 2009

Against all the CIA instructions-manuals.
Al Qua´eeda washed its hands from this one !!

The International- head-office of Al Qua´eeda
(based in Langley , Virginia)
has denied any relation with the Detroit plane bombing.

It seems that the hijacker Mr. Omar Abdulmutaled
has not paid paid his membership-fees , since 7 months ,
and that is the reasons why he does not count
as Qua´eeda-member any more.

Besides all that  Mr. Omar has tried to blow up
that plane only some minutes before the landing ,
while ,he has had enough time to do it above the Atlantic
where no help could reach them.....and no Media too !!

Thus ,
this would be another reason to repudiate his membership ,
because it is also against all the CIA-operations- instruction- manuals.

Having said that , and setting all the jokes on the side ,
may I enquire why any person who is already
on " the list of suspects
", gets an American Visa ??
and also why any person already on the list of suspects, and
whose own father has denounced him at the USA- Embassy
gets a Visa and even a seat on the plane to the USA ????

It is holidays time ,
and the people watch a lot of  TV, now,
so at least ....this timing was ok !!!

Sherlock Hommos