Friday, January 1, 2010

Tony can sleep far!!

 why do caricaturists get it , almost always right ??

The BlackWaters Mercenaries
have had their "charges all dismissed "
because..... ...... a USA Court , said so.

So now,
armed mercenaries who shoot 16 unarmed-civilians
only because they thought that they were to be in any form of danger
are not literally innocent ,  but anyhow they can walk home free.
and that counts !!!!

As from now on ,
Tony Blair must sleep much better at night ,
because he did not shoot those 16 civilians
but he thought  that Saddam Hussein would have
Weapons of Mass Destructions
(and he could use them within 45 minutes)
and then Tony sent his armies and invaded a country
where one Million died............ .including those 16..

Tony also has a second reason to sleep so well
because it is not a Court-House he shall visit very soon,
but merely a Commission of  Enquiry
where none of the Panelist is a jurist
where all the Panelist are appointed by
no one else than , Tony´s ex-right-hand.

So let us put everything in perspective
and let us also compare :

A- Mercenaries who shoot unarmed civilians
    have  a no-case against them.
B- A prime minister who appointed that person who selected
    that Panel which anyhow cannot condemn , but can only enquire,
    shall never be found responsible ( nor guilty ).

Conclusion :
Tony Blair shall never use any sleeping-pills
until the day he shall meet the Devil.....

Raja Chemayel
on the first day of the second decade in the third millennium

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