Saturday, August 4, 2007

How many trees..........??

How many US politicians can place Sudan
on an African map ?? without borders and no names mentioned.

How many Arab politicians could place Darfour
on a Sudanese map ??

How many of us know the difference between
a Darfourian and a Nubian ??

How many countries shall cooperate with the UN
and soon invade Sudan ??

How many regimes believed Bush and Blair
and did invade Iraq ??

How many countries and regimes boycotted Hamas
after the only democratic and fair Election was won ??

How many regimes sold weapons to Saddam
and came back later to destroy them ??

How many ex-anti-Semitic-societies and regimes
always supported the State of Israel ??

How many US Politicians consider as "friends"& Allies
Arab-despots, Arab-absolute-monarchs, Arab-dictators
and Arab-regimes-which-never-lost-any-election ??

How many US Generals dare take a walk in Baghdad ??
How many Arab-leaders dare talk a walk in their own capitals ??

How many Gazian come back home for Dinner ??
How many Gazian do afford a Dinner ??

How many Afghans attacked New-York on 911 ??
How many Iraqis flew into the World-Trade-Centre ??

How many poor-Lebanese must pay back the debts made
by the Lebanese-rich-society that rebuilt Beirut for themselves ??

How many trees must there be
to make us realise that this is a forest ??

Raja Chemayel

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What if ?? and even if !! ماذا كان سيحدث لو لم؟

What if Jesus never had a beard ?
What if Napoleon never chased women ?

What if Alexander the Great were not so great ??
What if Hitler never studied Art ??

What if Israel were for Peace ??
What if Zionism protects Judaism ??

What if Judaism were to be the only religion ??
What if Religions tough us to steal Palestine ??

What if mothers-in-law never come unexpected ??
What if Mistresses were faithful ??

What if George Bush believed what the CIA

never has told him ??
What if the Popes never have had twins ??

What if Arab leaders , for once, made a fair election ??
or even simply any election !!

What if the Iraqi Parliament did not take his holidays this August ??

What if Libya would exchange

convicted medical personnel
against new French weapons ??

Raja Chemayel
what if I wrote , about it ???

ماذا كان سيحدث لو لم يكن للمسيح لحية؟
ماذا كان سيحدث لو لم يلاحق نابليون النساء؟

ماذا كان سيحدث لو لم يكن الإسكندر الأكبر كبيراً؟
ماذا كان سيحدث لو لم يتعلم هتلر الرسم؟

ماذا كان سيحدث لو كانت إسرائيل تروم السلام؟
ماذا كان سيحدث لو أن الصهيونية حافظت على اليهودية؟

ماذا كان سيحدث لو أن اليهودية كانت الدين الوحيد؟
ماذا كان سيحدث لو أن الديانات لم تعلمنا سرقة فلسطين؟

ماذا كان سيحدث لو أن الحماوات لا يأتين على غير انتظار؟
ماذا كان سيحدث لو أن العشيقات كن أمينات؟

ماذا كان سيحدث لو أن بوش صدق ما لم تقله له أل سي. آي. أي.؟
ماذا كان سيحدث لو أن الباباوات لم يكن لديهم أبناء وبنات؟

ماذا كان سيحدث لو أجرى الزعماء العرب انتخابات نزيهة؟
أو ببساطة أجروا أي انتخابات؟

ماذا كان سيحدث لو لم يأخذ البرلمان العراقي عطلته السنوية في آب الجاري؟
ماذا كان سيحدث لو بادلت ليبيا الموظفين الطبيين بالسلاح الفرنسي؟؟؟؟

رجا الشميل
ماذا كان سيحدث لو أني كتبت... عن ذلك؟؟؟

Friday, August 3, 2007

Who shall trow the first stone ??

Hamas , while taking over Gaza
has entered the shrine of Fateh's secret-police-head-office.

Only to find out that all suspicions were correct :
A Great portion of Fateh's leadership was on the payroll
of a mighty intelligence agency serving the interests
of the only Super-Power which serves the interests
of the Only-Democracy-in the Middle East.

So based on those findings , I ask myself :
when the circle starts by the Mossad , then the CIA,
then Fateh's Dahlan reporting to the CIA which reports
back to the Mossad......
then who is the enemy and where is the enemy ??
The circle is closed and all the bad-guys are stuck in it !!

I suggest that this whole planet would be divided in two camps :
The Good-Guys (if they still exist)
the Bad-Guys (of which there are plenty).

No need more for regional-powers , emerging-powers,
super-powers, financial-monsters and rising-powers.

Let us divided the whole in two
because hypocristy ,hegemony, self-interrests and oportunism
have created a very confusing situtation
wereas an enemy is hard to define
and a friend is hard to find.......

In the meantime I stick to Hamas and to Hezbollah
and I am sure my Jesus shall not blame me , at all.
On the contrary I am sure that Jesus may join us too .....
and allow Hamas to throw the "first stone"

Raja Chemayel
a Christian

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Tie and the Ties

Gordon Brown went to visit his master's
in Washington................
and for those of you who claim that Gordon
is a puppet just like his predecessor Tony,
I say that they are not "completely right".....

Because ,
Gordon has chosen all by himself
the colour of his suit and of his tie.
and Gordon has , as from now ,
his own opinions and his own strategies.

also, he found out now , finally ,
that it takes more than 45 minutes
to arm and to launch those WMD
As a matter of fact it took him ,
3 years 5 months and 23 days
to find out that.......

Nevertheless, rest assured that
the Axis of the Anglo-Saxons
has survived and is pursuing its missions...

Sherlock Hommos
adviser on tie and ties

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fottball and Politics

Often George said repeatedly and endlessly
that "12 million Iraqis went to vote"
but he forgot to mention, to us ,that they voted for the
separatists, sectarians, theocracy- followers and feudalism.
Not to forget the collaborators and thieves..... ..

I remember well that when President Saddam Hussein
was still in power 14.458.885 Iraqis voted
(which is more than 12 millions) and the result was for
non-separatist, non-sectarian , secular and rather modern
candidates who have won , then , before that " US -Democracy ".

You may have you own opinion here,
different than mine but the fact remains that
14 millions are more than 12 millions and that
secularism and non-feudalism are much better
than any US-Imported- Imposed-Democracy. .....

And before George W.Bush again opens his mouth
and steals the truth, once more:
I inform you that Iraq has won the Football-Cup for Asia
and this has nothing to do with
"Democracies dropped out of a B52 bombers"

Iraqis have won from the Saudi Arabian Team
and that is a triumph too , knowing that the Saudi Team
is made out of one only sect and the Iraqi was multi-sectarian,

Which is a double contradiction with the US polities which
stands behind Saudi Arabian own brand
of a peculiar socio-political- pattern
and an absolute-monarchism

This time (and again) George has better shut-up..... .

Sherlock Hommos
Football expert

Monday, July 30, 2007

Good news & Bad news !!

Mohammad Dahlan has left the scene
good news for Palestine,
bad news for the CIA, Abbas and Co.

Tony Blair has re-entered the stage
wearing a different hat , this time,
bad news for honesty and for just-peace
good news for Israel

The Arab League has sent 2 ambassadors to Israel
representing their own two-traitor- regimes
but nevertheless they are trying again to taking off their pants
bad news for Arab-virginity
good news for Israel..

A US-general declared that he would need whole a decade
to stabilise the situation in Iraq
bad news for the virginity of US Soldiers
good news for Israel.

Sherlock Hommos
Trying to preserve moral-virginity, as long as possible !!