Friday, August 3, 2007

Who shall trow the first stone ??

Hamas , while taking over Gaza
has entered the shrine of Fateh's secret-police-head-office.

Only to find out that all suspicions were correct :
A Great portion of Fateh's leadership was on the payroll
of a mighty intelligence agency serving the interests
of the only Super-Power which serves the interests
of the Only-Democracy-in the Middle East.

So based on those findings , I ask myself :
when the circle starts by the Mossad , then the CIA,
then Fateh's Dahlan reporting to the CIA which reports
back to the Mossad......
then who is the enemy and where is the enemy ??
The circle is closed and all the bad-guys are stuck in it !!

I suggest that this whole planet would be divided in two camps :
The Good-Guys (if they still exist)
the Bad-Guys (of which there are plenty).

No need more for regional-powers , emerging-powers,
super-powers, financial-monsters and rising-powers.

Let us divided the whole in two
because hypocristy ,hegemony, self-interrests and oportunism
have created a very confusing situtation
wereas an enemy is hard to define
and a friend is hard to find.......

In the meantime I stick to Hamas and to Hezbollah
and I am sure my Jesus shall not blame me , at all.
On the contrary I am sure that Jesus may join us too .....
and allow Hamas to throw the "first stone"

Raja Chemayel
a Christian

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