Saturday, August 4, 2007

How many trees..........??

How many US politicians can place Sudan
on an African map ?? without borders and no names mentioned.

How many Arab politicians could place Darfour
on a Sudanese map ??

How many of us know the difference between
a Darfourian and a Nubian ??

How many countries shall cooperate with the UN
and soon invade Sudan ??

How many regimes believed Bush and Blair
and did invade Iraq ??

How many countries and regimes boycotted Hamas
after the only democratic and fair Election was won ??

How many regimes sold weapons to Saddam
and came back later to destroy them ??

How many ex-anti-Semitic-societies and regimes
always supported the State of Israel ??

How many US Politicians consider as "friends"& Allies
Arab-despots, Arab-absolute-monarchs, Arab-dictators
and Arab-regimes-which-never-lost-any-election ??

How many US Generals dare take a walk in Baghdad ??
How many Arab-leaders dare talk a walk in their own capitals ??

How many Gazian come back home for Dinner ??
How many Gazian do afford a Dinner ??

How many Afghans attacked New-York on 911 ??
How many Iraqis flew into the World-Trade-Centre ??

How many poor-Lebanese must pay back the debts made
by the Lebanese-rich-society that rebuilt Beirut for themselves ??

How many trees must there be
to make us realise that this is a forest ??

Raja Chemayel

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