Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fottball and Politics

Often George said repeatedly and endlessly
that "12 million Iraqis went to vote"
but he forgot to mention, to us ,that they voted for the
separatists, sectarians, theocracy- followers and feudalism.
Not to forget the collaborators and thieves..... ..

I remember well that when President Saddam Hussein
was still in power 14.458.885 Iraqis voted
(which is more than 12 millions) and the result was for
non-separatist, non-sectarian , secular and rather modern
candidates who have won , then , before that " US -Democracy ".

You may have you own opinion here,
different than mine but the fact remains that
14 millions are more than 12 millions and that
secularism and non-feudalism are much better
than any US-Imported- Imposed-Democracy. .....

And before George W.Bush again opens his mouth
and steals the truth, once more:
I inform you that Iraq has won the Football-Cup for Asia
and this has nothing to do with
"Democracies dropped out of a B52 bombers"

Iraqis have won from the Saudi Arabian Team
and that is a triumph too , knowing that the Saudi Team
is made out of one only sect and the Iraqi was multi-sectarian,

Which is a double contradiction with the US polities which
stands behind Saudi Arabian own brand
of a peculiar socio-political- pattern
and an absolute-monarchism

This time (and again) George has better shut-up..... .

Sherlock Hommos
Football expert

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