Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Tie and the Ties

Gordon Brown went to visit his master's
in Washington................
and for those of you who claim that Gordon
is a puppet just like his predecessor Tony,
I say that they are not "completely right".....

Because ,
Gordon has chosen all by himself
the colour of his suit and of his tie.
and Gordon has , as from now ,
his own opinions and his own strategies.

also, he found out now , finally ,
that it takes more than 45 minutes
to arm and to launch those WMD
As a matter of fact it took him ,
3 years 5 months and 23 days
to find out that.......

Nevertheless, rest assured that
the Axis of the Anglo-Saxons
has survived and is pursuing its missions...

Sherlock Hommos
adviser on tie and ties

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