Friday, October 17, 2008

Do not rejoice so soon

Within 3 weeks ,
Obama shall win from McCain
but there is no real reason to celebrate
because :

Mr.Obama is as "black" as Dr. Rice

Mr.Obama is "Muslim" only by birth

Mr. Obama is as "liberal" as Bill Clinton

Mr. Obama is as "anti-war"
as any US President ever was.

Mr. Obama is for a Palestinian - State
but only after he leaves the office.(2013)

Mr. Obama shall not try to invade Cuba
but the chances are that Michele Obama
might replace Jacqueline Kennedy...

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
recruiter of snipers who cannot shoot straight !

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Financial-Crisis reaches Gaza

The Financial crisis is affecting Gaza
to the extend that the Tunnel-diggers
are asking for a raise to their salaries
and the smugglers want to deal in Euros-currency
only and no more the weakend US Dollars.

Gaza banks are closed because they have no electricity
nor water....... nor even toilet-paper. ....

On the other-side the Weapon's salesmen
on the Egyptian side , would like to maintain the US Dollars
because those Weapons are imported from the USA ,
courtesy of the CIA and the Mosaad...... ..

Why ? did you ask.....

Elementary my dear Watson !!

When Hamas has weapons it will surely use it against Israel
(and not against the dissidents , like Mr. Abbas does )
and then minor damages will fall on the Israeli-side
which is an excuse for the IDF to hit back with F16
and with Merkava Tanks.

Conclusion :
The financial crisis did not stop the Hamas-militants
to spend their hard-earned- money to purchase weapons
which shall be used as a pretext for re-invading Gaza by Israel.
Paid by the sweat ,blood and tears of the brave Gazzeans.

Economy works in close circuits !!
Irony works the same way....!!

Sherlock Hommos
expert on underground- economies

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Humour and Philosophy

A good friend of mine explained to me recently the Greek translation
of the word: Philosophy.. ..
To my huge surprise I learned that it meant :
laughing at the Gods ,
or humorist approach towards religion

My own and personal definition was so far :
in depth thinking or analytic-thinking

Of course my friend knew more than me ,
because he was a professor in philosophy
and I am not.....

I had always much respect for humour
and for philosophy, as well.
And I never could connect them besides the sincere belief
that both need a high degree of intelligence and creativity.

To make a long story short and to save your time as well
I suggest you watch this video-clip-link,
that explains to the ignorants , like me , what has happened
with the Stock Market...... ..and how.....

You will get instructed while laughing
which are both a blessing.... .,
just like philosophy and humour are....a blessing !!

Click and watch.....

Raja Chemayel

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wealth is but a state of the mind

The man who tried to clean-up
the "Temple of Jerusalem ".

Wealth is but an illusion
Money is just made of paper.

Wealth is an illusion
the banks are its temples.

The Stock Market
is, indeed , simply a market
for this same paper-illusion.

For once , I shall not blame
George W. Bush nor the United States of America
neither has invented greed nor invented capitalism.

On the contrary I shall thank both of them
for demonstrating to us , to where all this leads to.

I shall not request the Stock Markets to convert to Islam
nor would I hope that this would happen one day
because, capitalism will not be an up-grading to (any) religion
but the contrary is the case.....

Look , please , at Riyadh , Dubai and Kuwait
to be convinced of my opinion.

Dubai is re-building the Tower of Babel
and the Hanging-Gardens....... all swimming in the open sea,
for whom and for what ???
(they are re-claiming the sea , when behind them is
the huge-empty-endless- desert ,and when the new-inhabitants
and even their labors are both imported )

Greed , greed and again greed !!

Iceland's economy is now sold out to Russia
and the Temples of Capitalism are almost nationalised
which should have been done , right from the start.

Greed , greed and greed !!

Islam asks the believers to give back to the poor
a tenth of one's own profits , each year....
which does humanise the capitalism
each tenth-year, completely.. ......and repeatedly.
It is a revolving and perpetual re-humanisation of capitalism.

We the Christians ought to find anything similar
or better, if we can .

Jesus has used once only his "physical-force "
and it was against those money-lenders (bankers).

and the other good news is.....
the slums of Bombay and of Rio and the slums of Cairo,
indeed , all the slums of the whole world ,
shall not suffer , this time , at least !!

Hold on !!
Jesus is coming back to us ,
holding a Holy Koran in his left hand ,
and a big stick in his right hand !! .

Raja Chemayel
a Christian in Islam

Sunday, October 12, 2008

And the Good-news is !!!

George Illish Bushovief

George W. Bush has promised us
to introduce Democracy in Iraq...
but he has obviously and completely failed !!

But the Good-news, is that
George has now succeeded in democratising Wall Street
and even in socialising it , as well !!

Have a nice week end !!
Monday morning watch it on your TVs
Socialism entering the Stock Market Temple
from the Main-Entrance. ......of course !!

Sherlock Hommos
a socialist socializer