Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Financial-Crisis reaches Gaza

The Financial crisis is affecting Gaza
to the extend that the Tunnel-diggers
are asking for a raise to their salaries
and the smugglers want to deal in Euros-currency
only and no more the weakend US Dollars.

Gaza banks are closed because they have no electricity
nor water....... nor even toilet-paper. ....

On the other-side the Weapon's salesmen
on the Egyptian side , would like to maintain the US Dollars
because those Weapons are imported from the USA ,
courtesy of the CIA and the Mosaad...... ..

Why ? did you ask.....

Elementary my dear Watson !!

When Hamas has weapons it will surely use it against Israel
(and not against the dissidents , like Mr. Abbas does )
and then minor damages will fall on the Israeli-side
which is an excuse for the IDF to hit back with F16
and with Merkava Tanks.

Conclusion :
The financial crisis did not stop the Hamas-militants
to spend their hard-earned- money to purchase weapons
which shall be used as a pretext for re-invading Gaza by Israel.
Paid by the sweat ,blood and tears of the brave Gazzeans.

Economy works in close circuits !!
Irony works the same way....!!

Sherlock Hommos
expert on underground- economies

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