Monday, October 13, 2008

Wealth is but a state of the mind

The man who tried to clean-up
the "Temple of Jerusalem ".

Wealth is but an illusion
Money is just made of paper.

Wealth is an illusion
the banks are its temples.

The Stock Market
is, indeed , simply a market
for this same paper-illusion.

For once , I shall not blame
George W. Bush nor the United States of America
neither has invented greed nor invented capitalism.

On the contrary I shall thank both of them
for demonstrating to us , to where all this leads to.

I shall not request the Stock Markets to convert to Islam
nor would I hope that this would happen one day
because, capitalism will not be an up-grading to (any) religion
but the contrary is the case.....

Look , please , at Riyadh , Dubai and Kuwait
to be convinced of my opinion.

Dubai is re-building the Tower of Babel
and the Hanging-Gardens....... all swimming in the open sea,
for whom and for what ???
(they are re-claiming the sea , when behind them is
the huge-empty-endless- desert ,and when the new-inhabitants
and even their labors are both imported )

Greed , greed and again greed !!

Iceland's economy is now sold out to Russia
and the Temples of Capitalism are almost nationalised
which should have been done , right from the start.

Greed , greed and greed !!

Islam asks the believers to give back to the poor
a tenth of one's own profits , each year....
which does humanise the capitalism
each tenth-year, completely.. ......and repeatedly.
It is a revolving and perpetual re-humanisation of capitalism.

We the Christians ought to find anything similar
or better, if we can .

Jesus has used once only his "physical-force "
and it was against those money-lenders (bankers).

and the other good news is.....
the slums of Bombay and of Rio and the slums of Cairo,
indeed , all the slums of the whole world ,
shall not suffer , this time , at least !!

Hold on !!
Jesus is coming back to us ,
holding a Holy Koran in his left hand ,
and a big stick in his right hand !! .

Raja Chemayel
a Christian in Islam

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