Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Humour and Philosophy

A good friend of mine explained to me recently the Greek translation
of the word: Philosophy.. ..
To my huge surprise I learned that it meant :
laughing at the Gods ,
or humorist approach towards religion

My own and personal definition was so far :
in depth thinking or analytic-thinking

Of course my friend knew more than me ,
because he was a professor in philosophy
and I am not.....

I had always much respect for humour
and for philosophy, as well.
And I never could connect them besides the sincere belief
that both need a high degree of intelligence and creativity.

To make a long story short and to save your time as well
I suggest you watch this video-clip-link,
that explains to the ignorants , like me , what has happened
with the Stock Market...... ..and how.....

You will get instructed while laughing
which are both a blessing.... .,
just like philosophy and humour are....a blessing !!

Click and watch.....

Raja Chemayel

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