Thursday, March 10, 2011

Famous sentences by famous people.

Famous sentences
by famous People :
you (Eva) are the only woman in my life
I did never cheat on my husband
Napoleon Bonaparte
Impossible , is not French
Karl Marx
Proletariat of world must unite
Bill Clinton
I did not have a sexual relation with Monika
George Bush
Ariel Sharon is a man of Peace
Joe Biden
Hosny Mubarak is not a dictator
Muammar al Qaddafi
All za Beoble , zey all lave me !!
zey are ready to diet  for me.
Sherlock Hommos
Raja Chemayel , is (occasionaly) funny !!

A Guest-book in Tel Aviv

                سجل الشرف في تل أبيب                              
هؤلاء الذين يتهمون ابن القذافي
بانه زار "إسرائيل" سراً يمكن أن لا يكونوا كاذبين!!!
فهو بالفعل حل ضيفاً في فيلا سرية مخصصة لكبار الزوار  خارج تل أبيب
ولكنه لم يوقع في دفتر الشرف
لأنه كان مليء   بتواقيع الحكام العرب!!!
 ولا مكان بقي له ليوقع   !!)
المهندس مصطفى روزمبلوم
مدير الاستقبال في بيت الضيافىة قي ضواحي تل أبيب
ملاحظة: من الترجمان المحلف... أديب قعوار
21 جناح في بيت الضيافة محجوزه لزمن غير محدد ما دام الضيوف على قيد الحياة
نظراً للخدمات الجليلة التي قدمها الضيوف للمضيف!!!

Those who are accusing the Son of Qaddafi
of having visited Israel secretly, might be right !!

He did ,indeed, stay at a secret-guest-villa just outside Tel Aviv
but he did not leave his signature in the honour-guest-book
because it was full with other Arab-leader's signatures !!
(no place left over for him to sign )

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
Butler in a Villa outside Tel Aviv

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Diplomacy at work........

17Th century Diplomacy at work
  21St. Century  Diplomacy at work
What do you call
a team ( 8 persons) consisting of  :
6 SAS soldiers (with weapons)
1 MI5 agent ( with millions in cash)
1 unidentified person
This above " team "
arrived last week-end to Benghazi ,secretly ,
by a Marine Helicopter , at night ,
and has left on a British Naval Destroyer.
I call it : a terrorist-group !!
The British-foreign-minister calls them a "Diplomatic-mission"
 While , 
In the 18Th and 19Th century it was called :
Sherlock Hommos

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The FORMULA of Arab-Loyalties
A Bedouin-Arab tent......
my proud roots !!

The Arab-Loyalty formula
consist of a comparative-proportional-evaluation .

We say :
Ana wa akhy dod ibn aami
wa laken ,
ana wa ibn aami dod el khareeb !!

I will support my brother against my cousin 

but I will support my cousin against any stranger.

When you are not an Arab nor any Middle-Eastern person
you should use this formula to comprehend why
a certain inconstancy is noticed among most Arab-politicians
or among  Arabs in general.

Yours truly ,for example
will support any Arab-masses (people) against
any of their  leader or King or president or prince or shaikh
while , I would support the same leader or dictator or clown
if and when he is opposing any foreign- political- power.

It might appear to Westerners as if  this is a archaic-attitude,
but I care not , because this is a social-historical- fact
and I have not found a better formula .

What is the use of any ideology or any religion
if it does serve and protect the people ???

The only problem I shall face, is when ever my brother
would be the dictator who oppresses the people.

My brother, by the way , is a retired book-editor aged 68
and I do not think he might still become a dictator in Lebanon
(because Beirut is full of them, anyhow)

Raja Chemayel

Having said all that :
I shall support the Libyan people against the Colonel
while, I shall support Qaddafi against any foreign intervention !!